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 Accessories for Turbidity meters series TB350 
Compresse di reagenti per Fotometro Lovibond® 
Compresse tampone per Pocket Tester Lovibond 
 Conductivity cell for SensoDirect Con 110 / 150 
Rapid tests Single agar Lovibond® Dipslides 
Reagent powder for Comparators and Photometers Lovibond® 
Reagenti in compresse per i Comparatori CHECKIT® / 2000+ 
Reagenti in pastiglie per Comparator system 2000 
 Reagents for Photometer MD 100 Boiler Water/Cooling Water 
Tube tests for anaerobes Lovibond® Dipslides 
Turbidity meter TB350 IR 
Turbidity meter TB350 WL 
Accessori per fotometri Lovibond® 
 Accessori per misuratore di ossigeno SD 315 Oxi 
Accessori per misuratore di Ossigeno SD 400 Oxi 
 Accessori per misuratori di ossigeno disciolto Lovibond® 
 Accessori per pH Metri Lovibond® 
 Accessori per turbidimetro TB 211 IR 
 Accessories for Incubator Lovibond® DI 10 
BOD-Sistema di misura BD 600 
COD-Cuvette test standard, 16 mm 
Conduttimetro AL10Con 
Conduttimetro SD 325 CON 
CSB Stazione di misura, MD 200 
Cuvette pe fotometri 
Cuvette W680 
Dischi test per acque + reagenti in pastiglie per Comparator 2000 
 Electrodes for Conductivity meter SD 325 CON 
 Elettrodi per misuratore pH/Redox SD305pH 
Fotometro AL100 per Acqua di Caldaia, Acqua di Raffreddamento 
Fotometro MD 100 
Fotometro MD 110 
Fotometro MD 110 
Fotometro MD 200 
Fotometro MD 200 
Fotometro MD 200 
Frigoriferi antideflagranti da laboratorio, fino a +1 °C 
Hardness Test Kits 
Incubatore Lovibond® DI 10 
Kit per analisi dell'acqua Lovibond® 
Misuratore di Ossigeno SD 315 Oxi 
Misuratore di ossigeno SD 400 Oxi L 
Misuratore di pH/Redox SD 305 pH 
Misuratore multiparametrico SD 335 
Misuratore multiparametrico SensoDirect 150 
Pastiglie reagenti per Nessleriser 2150 / 2250 
pH Metro AL10pH 
 Plastic Cuvettes with Lid 
 Reaction Tube Test, 16 mm 
Reagenti in pastiglie per Fotometri Lovibond® 
Reagenti VARIO per Fotometri Lovibond®ed HACH® 
 Rectangular Cuvettes W100, optical glass 
Reference Standard Kit 
 Set-Up acque reflue MD 610 
Sistema fotometrico AL450 
Sistemi fotometrici MD 600 / MD 610 
 Soluzione di calibrazione per conduttivimetro SD 325 CON 
 Soluzioni di calibrazione e conservazione per pH/Redox-Meter SD 305 pH 
Soluzioni reagenti per fotometri Lovibond® 
Spettrofotometri XD 7000 VIS and XD 7500 UV-VIS 
 Standard Solutions, CSB 
Termoreattore RD 125 
Test Kits for Boiler-, Cooling- and Industrial Process Water 
Test rapidi microbiologici Lovibond® Dipslides 
Test rapidi, Pooltester 
Tester per flocculazione AL30 / AL40 / AL50, da banco 
Turbidimetro da laboratorio TB 300 IR 
 Turbidimetro TB 211 IR 
 Cuvette e tubi Nessler per Lovibond® Comparator System 2000 Tipo A 5 cuvette DB424/S, percorso ottico 13,5 mm, 10 ml con co 
 Fotometro AL400 Tipo Adattatore, nero per cuvette diam.13mm 
 Fotometro AL400 Tipo Adattatore, nero per cuvette diam.16mm 
 Sistemi Comparator 
 [EN]: 3/67A colour disk ozone in water 0,01 - 0,1 mg/l 
 [EN]: Absorption tube (NS 29/32) arsenic applications 
 [EN]: Adapter for Vacu-Vials for Multidirect 
 [EN]: Aditional grid for thermostate cabinet TC175S/255S/256G 
 [EN]: Aditional grid for thermostate cabinet TC445S 
 [EN]: Amine tablets pack of 100 
 [EN]: Ammonia 25 %, 500 ml UN 2672, 8, III, (E) 
 [EN]: Ammonia conditioning powder for seawateranalysis pack with 100 tests 
 [EN]: Ammonia Molybdate Solution 100ml 
 [EN]: Ammonium ferric sulphate (II) 6% 
 [EN]: Aqua-check pack of 100 
 [EN]: Biguanide (PHMB) Photometer pack of 250 
 [EN]: Blister pack for pooltester and minitester O2/pH 
 [EN]: Blue glass filter for Comparator 2000 
 [EN]: Bluetoth Photometer MD110 Cooling Water Set with case 
 [EN]: BOD measurement system BD600 sensor head BD600/BD606 
 [EN]: Boiler water test kit 2 
 [EN]: Bronopol test kit 
 [EN]: Brush 20 cm 
 [EN]: BSB sensor head oxidirect 
 [EN]: Calibration certificate for new colour discs 
 [EN]: Calibration certificate for used colour discs 
 [EN]: Calibration solution 9,02ppth 100ml, 12,89 mS 
 [EN]: Calibration solution 998ppm 100ml, 1412us 
 [EN]: Case with foam for the transport of the AL 800 
 [EN]: Checkit Chlor AF 536 
 [EN]: Checkit colorimeter chlorine AF 530, 0,2...8,0mg/lCIČ 
 [EN]: Checkit Colour Disc Iron HR5 1 - 10 mg/l 
 [EN]: Checkit colour disc iron LR 0 - 1 mg/L 
 [EN]: Checkit Colour Disc pH 6,5 - 8,4 
 [EN]: Checkit Comparator mit Standardoptik 
 [EN]: Checkit Disc Molybdat HR 0 - 100 mg/l 
 [EN]: Checkit Disc Molybdat LR D55 0 - 10 mg/l 
 [EN]: Checkit Farbscheibe Chlor DPD, 0 - 1 mg/l 
 [EN]: Checkit phosphate HR 
 [EN]: Checkit Zink AF 535 
 [EN]: Chlordioxide No. 1 Tablets in bottle of 250 
 [EN]: Chlordioxide No. 2 Tablets in bottle of 250 
 [EN]: Chlorine (free) HR Drop Test Kit 
 [EN]: Chlorine (free) LR Drop test 
 [EN]: Chlorine dioxide HR test strips 0.5-100mg/l, pack of 50 strips 
 [EN]: Chlorine dioxide LR test strips 0.1-1.6mg/l CIO2, pack of 50 strips 
 [EN]: Chlorine Free DPD 10 ml pack of 1000 
 [EN]: Chlorine LR+HR drop test kit 
 [EN]: Chlorine Test Stripes 0 - 25 mg/L Cl2 
 [EN]: Chlorine Total DPD 10 ml Powder Packs in bag of 1000 packs 
 [EN]: Chromium Hexavalent Powder pack, pack of 100 UN 2967, 8, III, (E) 
 [EN]: cleaning set for photometer CheckitDirect 
 [EN]: Cleaning tissue for cuvettes 
 [EN]: COD vario tube test 0-15000 mg/l, pack of 150 tests 
 [EN]: Coliform/E.Coli Test Kit 
 [EN]: Color disk 3/85 
 [EN]: Color disk silicon dioxide type NN 
 [EN]: Colour disc Amine type 3/58 1 - 10 mg/l 
 [EN]: Colour disc Amine type 3/64 0 - 1.2 mg/l 
 [EN]: Colour disc Checkit Chloride DPD 0-2 mg/L 
 [EN]: Colour disc Checkit Chloride DPD 0-4 mg/L 
 [EN]: Colour disc pH 5.2-6.8, type 2/1G 
 [EN]: Colour disc pH 6.8-8.4, type 2/1J 
 [EN]: Colour disc pH 7,2 - 8,8 type 2/1K 
 [EN]: Colour discs 3/40N chlorine 
 [EN]: Colour discs, 3/2APC chlorine 
 [EN]: Colour reference scale, for phosphate determination 
 [EN]: Combi pack ammonia no. 1 + 2 pack of each 250 tablets UN 2680, 8, II, (E) 
 [EN]: Combi pack ammonium no. 1+2 reagent tablets UN 2680, 8, II, (E), pack of 100 
 [EN]: Combi-pack aluminium no.1 / no.2 100 reagent tables UN 1328, 4.1, III, (E) 
 [EN]: Combi-pack aluminium no.1 / no.2 pack of 250 reagent tables 
 [EN]: Combi-pack Calcium H No.1 / No.2 per 100 reagent tablets (no dan. goods) 
 [EN]: Combi-Pack Chloride 1+2 each 100 reagent pills UN 3260, 8, II, (E) 
 [EN]: Combi-pack Chloride HR/Je 250 reagent tablets 
 [EN]: Combi-Pack Chloride T1 / T2 UN 3260, 8, II, (E) pack of each 250 reagent tablets 
 [EN]: Combi-pack Chlorine Dioxide 100 reagent tablets 
 [EN]: Combi-pack copper no.1 / no.2 500 reagent tablets 
 [EN]: Combi-pack manganese 100 reagent tablets UN 2680, 8, II, (E) 
 [EN]: Combi-pack MOLYBDAT 100 reagent tablets no dan. goods 
 [EN]: Combi-pack MOLYBDAT HR Nr.1+Nr.2 250 reagent tablets no dan. goods 
 [EN]: Combi-Pack Phosphate LR No.1 / No.2 pack of each 100 reagent pills no dan. goods 
 [EN]: Combi-pack Silicium 100 reagent pills no dan. goods 
 [EN]: Combi-Pack Silicium 250 reagent tables 
 [EN]: Conductivity hand meter SD70Con 0...+60°C, < 20,00 mS, 22 x 22 mm LCD display 
 [EN]: Conformance certificate for new water testing disc 
 [EN]: Copper Reagents Set 0 - 4 mg/l free + total, 75 tests UN 3264, 8, III, (E) 
 [EN]: Copper test strips 0,05-5mg/l Cu, 
 [EN]: Cover for Photometer black 
 [EN]: CSB Measuring station MD 110 COD VARIO compl. with CSB reactor RD125, reagents 
 [EN]: Cuvette stand 6 places, 24 mm acrylic glass, with laser engraving 'Lovibond' 
 [EN]: Cuvette stand for 10 cuvettes 16 mm 
 [EN]: Cuvette test COD Vario, 0-1500 mg/L mercury free, pack of 150 tests UN 1830, 8, II, (E) 
 [EN]: Cuvette test CSB/COD Vario 0-150 mg/l, 150 tests UN 2922, 8, II, (E) 
 [EN]: Cuvette test surfactant TOC 25 (anionic) Reaction cuvettes Spectroquant® 0.05-2.00mg/l UN 3316, 9, III, (E) 
 [EN]: Cuvette test TOC 25 Reaction cuvettes Spectroquant® 50 - 800 mg / l UN 3316, 9, II, (E) 
 [EN]: Cuvette TURBICHECK WL with black lid, pack of 3 
 [EN]: DBNPA Reagent Pack UN 3316, 9, III, (E) 
 [EN]: De-ionized water 250 ml 
 [EN]: Dechlor reagent tablets UN 3077, 9, III, (-) pack of 100 
 [EN]: decor film 
 [EN]: decor film 
 [EN]: DEHA solution 100ml 
 [EN]: DEHA solution 15ml, Minikit UN 3264, 8, III, (E) 
 [EN]: Deluxe Softener Demo Kit (no dan. goods) 
 [EN]: Density spindle 1-0-1 ° Bé Standard version without mercury 
 [EN]: Disinfection (QAC/cations) drop test kit 
 [EN]: DPD acidifying tablets pack of 250 
 [EN]: Drive belt 175 mm ET 740/750 
 [EN]: Drive belt 250 mm ET 740/750 
 [EN]: Drive belt 340 mm ET 740/750 
 [EN]: Duracell DLR22 Procell MN1604 monobloc battery 9 V 
 [EN]: ECON Nitrite Drop Test 
 [EN]: Effluent measuring place SpectroDirect spectrophotometer with accessories and reagents (420720, 420721, 418940, 535560, 5 
 [EN]: Electrode for Conductivity hand meter SD60ORP / REDOX 
 [EN]: Electronic Pooltester Scuba II Meter for pool water quality, incl. Reagents and stirring rod 
 [EN]: Erlenmeyer flask 300 ml 
 [EN]: Farbscheibe 3/40 CLO", 0,19 - 1,9 mg/l 
 [EN]: Filter Circles 47 mm, 0.45 μm pack of 100 
 [EN]: Filter GF/C 325 mm 
 [EN]: Filter Holder 25mm w/o container 
 [EN]: Filter Holder 47 mm 
 [EN]: FLUORESCEIN calibration standard set 0-75-400 PPB 
 [EN]: Fluoride Standard 1 mg/l 
 [EN]: Foil keyboard 
 [EN]: Glass stirring rods, 10 cm, outer diameter 6 mm 
 [EN]: Glycol refractometer to determine the glycol concentration of engine coolants and antifreeze 
 [EN]: Gsoft 3050 Windows software with Logger, for SD 300 series 
 [EN]: HR Titrant QAC QA3 KS184 
 [EN]: Hydrazin test spoon 1 G 
 [EN]: Hydrogen peroxyde LR tablet pack of 250