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 Extension tubing, Heidelberger type 
Fine Dosage Syringes SOL-M", 3-piece 
Lozione curativa Trixo®-lind pure 
Lozione detergente Softaskin 
 Tamponi alcolici 
Accessories for dosing dispenser 
Accessories forIinfusion Pump, Original-Perfusor® 
Adattatore Combifix® 
Aghi ipodermici monouso, Sterican® 
Aghi ipodermici monouso, Sterican® 
Aghi monouso Sterican® per terapia neurale 
Aghi monouso Sterican®, acciaio nichel-cromo, per anestesia dentale 
Aghi monouso Sterican®, acciaio nichel-cromo, per iniezioni delicate di insulina 
Aghi monousoSterican®, PP/Acciaio Inossidabile 
Combi Stopper Closing Cones, PE 
Compresse di garza Askina® 
Contenitori per aghi e rifiuti Medibox® 
Detergente e disinfettante per strumenti, Helipur® 
DISINFETTANTE Helipur® H plus N per materiale termosensibile 
Disinfettante Meliseptol® rapid, spray ad azione rapida 
Disinfettante per mani Softa-Man® / ViscoRub 
Disinfettante per maniSoftasept N® 
Disinfettante per superficiMelsept®SF 
Disinfettante spray Meliseptol® 
Dispensatore, telaio in alluminio 
Dispenser per Lifosan® soft e Softa-Man® 
 Disposable Gloves, Vasco® Basic, Latex 
Fine Dosage Syringes Injekt®-F, 2-piece 
Fine Dosage Syringes Omnifix®-F, 3-piece 
Guanti chirurgici monouso 
Guanti monouso Vasco® Guard long, nitrile 
Guanti monouso Vasco® Nitril white 
Guanti monouso Vasco® Nitrile leggero 
Guanti monouso Vasco® OP Sensitive, Lattice, Senza Polvere 
Guanti monouso Vasco® Sensitive, Lattice 
Guanti Monouso, Vasco® Guard, Nitrile 
Guanti monouso,Manufix®Sensitive, Latex 
Helimatic® Rinse neutral 
Lozione curativa Trixo®-lind 
 Omnifix® raw and blister syringes with catheter tip 
Pompa dosatrice ad impiego universale 
Salviette HBV Meliseptol® 
Schiuma disinfettanteMeliseptol®foam pure 
Siringhe monouso HSW NORM-JECT®, 2 parti, sterili 
Siringhe monouso Injekt® Solo, 2 pezzi 
Siringhe monouso Omnican®, Insulina 
Siringhe monouso Omnifix® Solo, 3 pezzi 
Siringhe SOFT-JECT®, PP, 3-parti, sterili 
Soluzione per irrigazione Ecotainer® 
 Stopcock Discofix® 
Tamponi Askina® Brauncel® in cellulosa 
 [EN]: 2-propanol 70%, oval bottle 1000 ml for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection dye and perfume-free, RKI (A), pack of 10 
 [EN]: Aqua B. Braun Spüllösung 20 x 250 ml in Ecolav-Flaschen (PE) 
 [EN]: Aqua Irrigation solution Ecotainer® 500ml pack of 10 
 [EN]: Askina® Finger Bob® colored Fingerless dressing, pack of 12x6 
 [EN]: Askina® Gauze compress sterile, 8-fold, 10 x 20 cm pack of 25 
 [EN]: Askina® Soft i.V. sterile hypoallergen fixing dressing, 80 x 60 mm, pack of 50 
 [EN]: Askina® Strangle Gauze Swabs plum-size, non-sterile, pack of 1000 
 [EN]: Askina® Strangle Gauze Swabs plum-size, sterile pack of 20 
 [EN]: Askina® Strangle Gauze Swabs walnut size, non-sterile, pack of 1000 
 [EN]: Aspiration needle without particle filter pack of 100 
 [EN]: Aspiration needles with particle filter pack of 100 
 [EN]: Backplate 
 [EN]: Belüftungskanüle 1, 1x30mm mit Parikelfilter, steril, Bakteriendichte belüftet, VE=100 
 [EN]: Braunoderm® 250 ml spray bottle Ready-to-use polyvidone-iodo-propanol solution for skin disinfection 
 [EN]: Canister key 5 & 10L (DIN51) ***for free*** 
 [EN]: Caresite extension cable 2-lumen 20 cm 
 [EN]: Catheter hub Introcan®-W 22G, blue FEP, with fixing wing 
 [EN]: Cleaning solution NaCI 0.9% 3000 ml Ecobag click, pack of 4 
 [EN]: Cockpit 5-fold, Discofix® C blue, individually sterile with extension, 150 cm 
 [EN]: Collecting sump with holder for wall dispenser ELS 500 ml 
 [EN]: Combifix® - Adapter, transparent einzeln steril, Luer innen, Rekord außen, transparent, VE=100 
 [EN]: Connecting cable, 1.2 x 2.2 mm filling volume 0.4 ml, with lock connection, hose length approx. 30 cm 
 [EN]: Connecting line 
 [EN]: Cyto-Set® Line, 0,2 um 
 [EN]: Cyto-Set® Line, PVC-free 
 [EN]: Discofix® C-3, blue connecting line 10 cm, pack of 50 
 [EN]: Discofix® C-3, blue connecting line 75 cm, medicine-resistant, pack of 50pcs. 
 [EN]: Discofix® tap bench 5-fold with connection line 180 cm pack of 40 
 [EN]: Dispenser Touchless for 1000 ml bottles 
 [EN]: Dispenser type plus T for dispenser bottles 1000 ml 
 [EN]: Disposable syringes 1 ml 2-parts, non-sterile pack of 7000 
 [EN]: Disposable Syringes 1 ml, fine dosage 3-parts, LuerSlip, non sterile, pack of 7000 
 [EN]: Disposable syringes 2 ml 2-parts, non-sterile, pack of 6300 
 [EN]: Disposable syringes 5ml 2-parts, non-sterile, pack of 3600 
 [EN]: Dosing pump, 20 ml - stroke for 5 ltr. cans 
 [EN]: Drainobag® 600 with Luer-Lock ST, PVC wound drainage system 
 [EN]: Ecospike No. 2, 210cm double flight w. raster clamps, Crossover system for cleaning solutions 
 [EN]: End plates for wall dispensers ELS plus 500 ml with large viewing window 
 [EN]: Enzymatic cleaner Helizyme 1000 ml bottle pack of 10 
 [EN]: Ethanol 80%, 500 ml dispenser bottle pack of 20 
 [EN]: Exadoral® bottle adapter for ø 28 mm bottle pack of 100 
 [EN]: Exadoral® Syringe, 10 ml purple flask, sterile, pack of 100 
 [EN]: Exadoral® Syringes 5 ml pack of 100 
 [EN]: Exadrop® standard, 180 cm 
 [EN]: Exchange pump for wall dispenser plus ELS or E plastic, 500 ml 
 [EN]: Fluid dispensing connector FDC1000 for connecting single can syringes with a large withdrawal syringe, Luer-Lock, pack of 
 [EN]: Helimatic Cleaner alcaline 5-ltr, Corrosice liqiud, basic inoragnic,N.O.S UN 3266, 8, VG III 
 [EN]: Helimatic® Neutralizer 5 l-canister no dan. goods 
 [EN]: Helizyme® instrument cleaner 5 l-canister 
 [EN]: Hexaquart® pure, 1000 ml "WEST", Disinfectant, liquid, Oval bottle UN 1903, 8, III, (E) 
 [EN]: Hexaquart® pure, 5 ltr. can "West", disinfectant, liquid UN 1903, 8, III, (E) 
 [EN]: Hexaquart® XL, 1 litre oval bottle "West" Disinfectant concentrate, Aldehyde-free UN 1903, 8, III, (E) 
 [EN]: Hexaquart® XL, 5 litre can "West" Disinfectant concentrate Aldehyde-free UN 1903, 8, III, (E) 
 [EN]: Histoacryl® Tissue Adhesive ampoule 0,5ml, blue pack of 5 
 [EN]: Histoacryl® Tissue Adhesive ampoule 0.5mL, clear, pack of 5 
 [EN]: Histoacryl® tissue adhesive blue pack with 5 ampoules (0.5 ml) 
 [EN]: HSW HENKE-JECT® Disposable syringes 100 ml 3-parts, catheter, sterile, pack of 180 
 [EN]: Infusomat® Space line standard variations, 250cm, IV PUR from pump outlet 145cm 
 [EN]: Infusomat® Space® Line 0.2 um inline-filter, PUR, 250 cm 
 [EN]: Infuvalve® non-return valve single, sterile packed, pack of 50 
 [EN]: Injekt® 40 Solo, disposable syringes 1 ml Insulin 40IU, w./o. needle pack of 100 
 [EN]: Injekt® Duo 2 ml, Luer attachment 23 G x 1 1/4"" pack of 100 
 [EN]: Injekt®-H Fine dosage syringe 1 ml with green Piston rod, for heparin 25,000 I.U. / 1 ml, 
 [EN]: Injekt®-H SOLO syringes 1 ml 2 parts, pack of 100 
 [EN]: Instrument bin 10 L 
 [EN]: Instrument bin 2 L 
 [EN]: Intrafix® Air P infusion unit tubing length 150cm, pack of 100 
 [EN]: Intrafix® Primeline infusion unit Standard, 180 cm, Luer-Lock attachment pack of 100, 15 μm Filter 
 [EN]: Intrafix® Primeline with needle-free Y-injection valve Safeflow valve pack of 100 
 [EN]: Intrafix® SafeSet Air P safety infusion unit prime stop, standard, 180cm, pack of 100 
 [EN]: Intrapur® Lipid Infusion filter 1,2μm for fat emulsions and mixed solutions 
 [EN]: Introcan Safety® Cannulas 0.70 x 19 mm G 24 yellow, PUR, pack of 50 
 [EN]: Introcan Safety® needles PUR 14G 2.2x50 mm-EU, pack of 50 
 [EN]: Introcan® Safety intravenous cannulas outside ø 0,7 mm, G24, yellow, stitch length 19 mm pack of 50 
 [EN]: Introcan®-W Certo 0.70 x 19 mm G 24 yellow Indwelling venous cannulas with fixation wing pack of 50 
 [EN]: Irrigation solution Ecolav® 100ml NaCl 0.9%, sterile, pyrogen-free pack of 20 
 [EN]: Irrigation solution Ecolav® 250ml NaCl 0.9%, sterile, pyrogen-free pack of 20 
 [EN]: Mandrin zur Vasofix® / Vasocan® 17G x 45 mm weiß, Luer-Lock, zum Langzeitverschluß von Venenverweilka 
 [EN]: Mandrin zur Vasofix® / Vasocan® 18G x 45 mm grün, Luer-Lock, zum Langzeitverschluß von Venenverweilkan 
 [EN]: Mandrin zur Vasofix® / Vasocan® 20G x 33 mm rosa, Luer-Lock, zum Langzeitverschluß von Venenverweilkanü 
 [EN]: Manufix® Examination gloves, size XS (5-6) Sensitive, Latex, unpowdered, non sterile, pack of 100 
 [EN]: Manuplast® Handschuhe Gr.L Polyaethylen, hell, unsteril VE=100 
 [EN]: Manuplast® Handschuhe Gr.S Polyaethylen, hell, unsteril VE=100 
 [EN]: Medibox® 9,1 l needle sampler height (incl. lid) 32,5 cm, max.fill volume 7,7 ltr. 
 [EN]: MELISEPTOL rapid, 1l bottle flammable liquid, n.o.s. UN 1274, cl.3, ADR, pack.gr.III 
 [EN]: Meliseptol® new formula 1000 ml dosing bottle UN 1170, 3, III, (D/E) 
 [EN]: Meliseptol® wipes sensitive flow pack with 100 wipes 
 [EN]: Meliseptol® Wipes ultra Alcohol-free, virucidal disinfecting wipes dispenser with 100 wipes 
 [EN]: Mini-Spike® Chemo with Micro Tip 
 [EN]: Needle-free membrane valves compat. with Luer-Steck & Luer-Lock attachments, latex, DEHP & PVC free, pack of 100 
 [EN]: Omnican 50 syringe 0.5 ml for U100-Insulin 0.30 x 12 mm 
 [EN]: Omnican® Fine pen needles Set 29G x 12mm, with Medibox pack of 100 
 [EN]: Omnifix disposable syringes, 5 ml pack of 3600, luer tip, non-sterile 
 [EN]: Omnifix® 100 DUO Insulin syringe 1 ml for 100 I.U., pack of 100 
 [EN]: Omnifix® 100 Solo insulin syringes 1 ml U-100 insulin, without cannula pack of 100 
 [EN]: Omnifix® 1ml LL fine dosing pack of 100 
 [EN]: Omnifix® 40 Solo Insulinspritzen 1 ml für 40 I.U., VE=100 
 [EN]: Omnifix® Disposable syringes 3 ml lock-lock attachment, non-sterile pack of 5300 
 [EN]: Omnifix® F Syringe 3 mL Luer Slip non sterile, pack of 5000, ***special packaging*** 
 [EN]: Omnifix® TBC Syringes 1 ml Luer cone, centric, non sterile, pack of 7000 
 [EN]: One-way-cock Discofix®1 blue, pack of 200 
 [EN]: Optiline mesh 26x36cm 
 [EN]: Original Infusomat® Leitung HiMiNr.:, 250 cm, ab Pumpenausgang 145 cm, VE=100 
 [EN]: Original Perfusor® cable PVC DEHP-free, 1.5 x 2.7 mm, 50 cm long, pack of 100 
 [EN]: Original Perfusor® syringes 50 ml Luer lock attachment, yellow-transparent pack of 100 
 [EN]: Original Perfusor® syringes 50 ml with particle filter cannula orange-transparent, pack of 100 
 [EN]: Perfusor® Space manageable spray pump 
 [EN]: plate with big window for dispenser Touchless 1000 ml 
 [EN]: Promanum® pure, 1000 ml dispenser bottle alcoholic hand desinfection for normal to greasy skin 
 [EN]: Promanum® pure, 5000 ml canister alcoholic hand disinfection 
 [EN]: ProSet Omnifix® Syringe 10 ml LL, pack of 25 
 [EN]: ProSet Omnifix® Syringe 1ml LS, pack of 20 
 [EN]: Ringer's solution Ecotainer® 1000 ml pack of 6 
 [EN]: Ringer's solution Ecotainer® 500 ml pack of 10 
 [EN]: Safeflow needle free membrane valve for infusion systems, latex- and PVC free, pack of 50 
 [EN]: Safety connector Ultrasite 
 [EN]: Safety IV cannula weils Introcan® Safety-W with fixaton wing, without onjection valve Ø 0.7 mm x 19 mm, pack o 
 [EN]: Safety IV cannula weils Introcan® Safety-W with fixaton wing, without onjection valve Ø 2.2 mm x 50 mm, pack o 
 [EN]: Secretion bag 2.0 liter Luer-Lock, single sterile 
 [EN]: Silkam® DS 19 suture material 5/0 1.0 75 cm black, pack of 36 
 [EN]: Silkam® DSM 7 suture material 7/0 0.5 45 cm black, pack of 36 
 [EN]: Silkam® HR 17, metric1 USP/0 black, pack of 36 
 [EN]: Silkam® HS 21 suture material 4/0 1.5 45 cm black, pack of 12 
 [EN]: Soft-Ject® Disposable syringes 30 ml LUER Lock, 3 parts, pack of 100 
 [EN]: Softa-Man® acute 100 ml-Flasche hand disinfection, alcohols, n.a.g. UN 1987, cl.3, VG II, (D/E), pack of 20 
 [EN]: SOL-M syringe with catheter hub 100 ml, with Luer adapter 
 [EN]: Solofix® Safety Lancets 21G x 1,8mm, sterile 
 [EN]: Solofix® Safety Neonat disposable safety lancet yellow, 0.8 x 2.0mm pack of 200 
 [EN]: Special fitting Discofix® 
 [EN]: Spinal needles Pencan® G 22 acc. to Sprotte, black, 0.73x88mm, pack of 25 
 [EN]: Spinal needles Pencan® G 25 acc. to Sprotte, orange, 0.53x103mm, pack of 25 
 [EN]: Spinocan® Kanülen mit Quincke-Schliff Lock-Ansatz 0,70x40 mm, 22 G, schwarz zur Spinal-Anästhäsie, VE= 
 [EN]: Spinocan® Kanülen mit Quincke-Schliff Lock-Ansatz 1,30x88 mm, 18 G, rosa zur Spinal-Anästhäsie, VE=25 
 [EN]: Spinocan® Needles w. Quincke Joint OD 0,70x70 mm, 22 G, black for spinal anesthesia, pack of 25 
 [EN]: Spinocan® Needles w. Quincke-Ground joint Lock 1.30x75 mm, 18 G, rose for spinal anesthesia, pack of 25 
 [EN]: Spiral cable 2.0 x 3.2 mm filling volume 3.14 ml / 100 ml hose length 850 cm 
 [EN]: Sterican needles, 1,10x40 mm G19, ivory, sterile pack of 100 
 [EN]: Sterican® cannulas 0.40 x 25 mm, blunt grey, Lock base, gauge: 27x1 single sterile pack of 100 
 [EN]: Sterican® Safety disposable needles 18Gx1 1/2 OD 1.20mm, stitch length 40mm, colour code pink, pack of 100 
 [EN]: Sterican® Safety Disposable needles 19Gx1 1/2 OD 1.10mm, stitch length 40mm, colour code ivory, pack of 100 
 [EN]: Sterican® Safety Disposable needles 25Gx1 OD 0.50mm, stitch length 25mm, colour code orange, pack of 100 
 [EN]: Sterican® Safety Disposable needles 26Gx1/2 OD 0.45mm, stitch length 13mm, colour code brown, pack of 100 
 [EN]: Sterican® Safety Disposable needles 27Gx1/2 OD 0.40mm, stitch length 13mm, colour code grey, Luer-Plug-In-Approach, p