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Microplates, 96/384-well, PP

Suitable for sample storage and preparation, protein analysis and genotyping.
  • High-contrast, alphanumeric lettering
  • Wells transparent with white frame
  • Rounded RecoverMax®-Well-Design
  • Elevated well frames for reliable sealing, even with heat sealing
  • Temperaturresistance from -86 °C to 100 °C
  • Autoclavable (121 °C, 20 min)
  • Centrifugation resistance up to 6000 Î g
  • PCR clean: free of human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors or sterile
  • *Available with bar code (on request)

TypeBottom shapeFootnote reference markSterilePKCat. No. Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
96-wellF-shape +804.655 3461su richiesta 
96-wellU-shape +806.262 7801su richiesta 
96-wellV-shape +804.655 3471su richiesta 
96-wellF-shape +2404.655 3561su richiesta 
96-wellU-shape +2404.655 3571su richiesta 
96-wellV-shape +2404.655 3581su richiesta 
96-wellF-shape*+804.655 3601su richiesta 
96-wellU-shape*+804.655 3621su richiesta 
96-wellV-shape*+804.655 3641su richiesta 
96-well, PCR cleanF-shape -807.670 5881su richiesta 
96-well, PCR cleanU-shape -806.255 2881su richiesta 
96-well, PCR cleanV-shape -806.252 7771su richiesta 
96-well, PCR cleanF-shape*-804.655 3591su richiesta 
96-well, PCR cleanU-shape*-804.655 3611su richiesta 
96-well, PCR cleanV-shape*-804.655 3631su richiesta 
96-well, PCR cleanF-shape -2404.655 3491su richiesta 
96-well, PCR cleanU-shape -2404.655 3501su richiesta 
96-well, PCR cleanV-shape -2404.655 3511su richiesta 
384-wellF-shape +804.655 3811su richiesta 
384-wellV-shape +804.655 3821su richiesta 
384-wellF-shape*+804.655 3701su richiesta 
384-wellV-shape*+804.655 3721su richiesta 
384-wellF-shape +2404.655 3891su richiesta 
384-wellV-shape +2404.655 3901su richiesta 
384-well, PCR cleanF-shape*-804.655 3691su richiesta 
384-well, PCR cleanV-shape -806.252 7781su richiesta 
384-well, PCR cleanV-shape*-804.655 3711su richiesta 
384-well, PCR cleanF-shape -804.655 3771su richiesta 
384-well, PCR cleanF-shape -2404.655 3851su richiesta 
384-well, PCR cleanV-shape -2404.655 3861su richiesta