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Microplates DNA LoBind, 96/384-well, PP

DNA LoBind plates for maximum sample recovery from nucleic acids by reducing the binding of the sample to the surface. Suitable for preparation or storage of DNA and RNA samples, forensic trace analysis, preparation of dilution series in quantitative qPCR, sample preparation in next-generation sequencing and creation of genome or oligonucleotide libraries.
  • V-bottom wells
  • PCR clean: free of human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors
  • High-contrast, alphanumeric lettering
  • Wells transparent with white frame
  • Rounded RecoverMax®-Well-Design
  • Elevated well frames for reliable sealing
  • *Available with bar code (on request)

TypeFootnote reference markPKCat. No. Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
Microplate 96-well 804.655 3481su richiesta 
Microplate 384-well*804.655 3731su richiesta 
Microplate 384-well 804.655 3831su richiesta 
Microplate 384-well 2404.655 3911su richiesta