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Gel / PCR / DNA Small Fragment Extraction Kit

The test kit was developed to obtain or concentrate DNA fragments from agarose gels, PCR or other enzymatic processes.
The agarose gel is dissolved, the enzymes are denatured and the DNA fragments will bind to the glass fibre matrix in the spin column. Wash buffers (containing ethanol) are used to remove contaminants and a low salt elution buffer is used to recover the purified DNA fragments. Recoveries are up to 90 % for gel extraction and up to 95 % for PCR clean-up. With this kit, PCR purification and gel extraction procedures can be performed, so that a second test kit is not necessary.
  • High recovery rate
  • Short process time
  • One test kit for two methods
Sample size:up to 300 mg of agarose gel / up to 100 µl of PCR product
Elution volume:20-50 µl
Fragment size:50 bp - 200 bp
Typical yield:90-95 % gel extraction and PCR clean-up
Operation Time:<20 min.

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