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Stainless Steel Cleanroom Crimping Tools

Ensure sample integrity in cleanroom environments

La-Pha-Pack cleanroom crimping tools are made entirely of stainless steel for maximum durability during dry heat sterilization or autoclaving.
  • The crimping/decapping mechanism is corrosion and heat resistant while the stainless steel construction removes the need for any protective coating on the handle or crimp head.
  • Can withstand repeated sterilization for cleanroom use without the risk of damaging the tool.
  • Available in 11mm, 13mm and 20mm sizes.
  • Crimping tools are adjustable in crimping pressure and height to offer optimal crimping results on varying vial styles.
Special sizes on request

DescriptionSizePKCat. No. Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
Crimping tool11 mm19.003 5501su richiesta 
Crimping tool13 mm19.003 5511su richiesta 
Crimping tool20 mm19.003 5521su richiesta 
opening pliers11 mm19.003 5531su richiesta 
opening pliers13 mm19.003 5541su richiesta 
opening pliers20 mm19.003 5551su richiesta