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Disposable Gloves ASPURE II, latex

  • Material: Natural rubber
  • Powder free
  • Thickness: About 0.14 mm (palm)
  • Type Heavy: About 0.17 mm (palm)
  • Double chlorination
  • Clean Pack: Cleanroom clean with ultrapure water
  • Ambidextrous
  • Suitable for cleanroom environment ISO Class 5
  • Double packaging in a bag
  • Carton with 10 bags with 100 pieces

This article is not CE certified as chemical protective glove !

DescriptionPKCat. No. Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
XS300Smooth10004.662 4851su richiesta 
S300Smooth10004.662 4841su richiesta 
M300Smooth10004.662 4831su richiesta 
L300Smooth10004.662 4821su richiesta 
XS300Totally Embossed10004.662 4891su richiesta 
S300Totally Embossed10004.662 4881su richiesta 
M300Totally Embossed10004.662 4871su richiesta 
L300Totally Embossed10004.662 4861su richiesta 
XS300High Grip, Totally Embossed10004.662 4931su richiesta 
S300High Grip, Totally Embossed10004.662 4921su richiesta 
M300High Grip, Totally Embossed10004.662 4911su richiesta 
L300High Grip, Totally Embossed10004.662 4901su richiesta 
XS300Heavy, High Grip, Fingertip Embossed10004.662 4971su richiesta 
S300Heavy, High Grip, Fingertip Embossed10004.662 4961su richiesta 
M300Heavy, High Grip, Fingertip Embossed10004.662 4951su richiesta 
L300Heavy, High Grip, Fingertip Embossed10004.662 4941su richiesta 
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