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Volumetric Flasks Volac FORTUNA®, Borosilicate Glass 3.3, Class A, with PP Stoppers

With NS joints. Blue or amber graduation. Conformity approved. Height ±5 mm.

▒ ml
Joint size (NS)Height
GraduationsPKCat. No. Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR Minima QtÓ
per Ord.
50.0410/1970blue16.205 0605su richiesta 5
100.0410/1990blue16.225 6605su richiesta 5
150.0410/19110blue16.255 3185su richiesta 5
250.0410/19110blue16.270 3845su richiesta 5
500.0612/21140blue16.270 3835su richiesta 5
500.1014/23140blue16.242 1005su richiesta 5
1000.1014/23170blue16.204 607510,22 Aggiungi al carrello5
1000.1012/21170blue16.238 4355su richiesta 5
2000.1514/23210blue16.234 0852su richiesta 2
2500.1514/23220blue16.233 8142su richiesta 2
5000.2519/26260blue16.233 8152su richiesta 2
10000.4024/29300blue16.301 7042su richiesta 2
50.0410/1970amber16.204 8205su richiesta 5
100.0410/1990amber16.204 6065su richiesta 5
150.0410/19110amber17.639 2125su richiesta 5
200.0410/19110amber16.204 6085su richiesta 5
250.0410/19110amber16.204 6095su richiesta 5
500.0612/21140amber16.204 6115su richiesta 5
500.1014/23140amber16.204 8221su richiesta 1
1000.1014/23170amber16.204 6551su richiesta 1
1000.1012/21170amber16.205 0275su richiesta 5
2000.1514/23210amber16.204 6312su richiesta 2
2500.1514/23220amber16.204 6102su richiesta 2
5000.2519/26260amber16.204 6791su richiesta 1
10000.4024/29300amber16.204 6782su richiesta 2