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Single Channel Microliter Pipettes VITLAB®, variable

The VITLAB® piston-operated pipettes have all the features required by life science users: rugged construction, one-handed operation, complete autoclavability, high precision and easy calibration.
  • Centrally placed pipetting key and ergonomic tip ejector button for the thumb
  • Ergonomic finger rest to relieve the hand
  • 4-digit volume display, readable with integrated magnifying glass function
  • Colour code framing the volume display for easy selection of available pipette tips
  • Corrosion resistant piston and ejector
  • Also available with DAkkS calibration certificate.

Items supplied: VITLAB® micropipette, silicone grease, sample bag with pipette tips, quality certificate and instruction manual.

max. vol.
(▒ R%)
max. vol.
(d CV%)
PKCat. No. Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
10 - 100200/3000.60.216.290 0331su richiesta 
100 - 1000100060.216.251 2631su richiesta 
500 - 50005000300.216.251 2641su richiesta 
1000 - 1000010000600.216.259 3091su richiesta