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Accessories for Gas Warining Device X-am® 7000

This device is the innovative solution for the simultaneous and continuous detection of up to five gases. A combination of more than 25 sensors allows flexible solutions to individual monitoring tasks. The device can be equipped with three electrochemical, and two catalytic bead, infrared or photoionisation sensors. It is the ideal companion in a great number of applications where reliable monitoring of oxygen, toxic and combustible gases and vapors in ambient air is necessary.

Basic unit with rubber-boot, carrying strap, calibration adapter, water and dust filter. In order to get a fully operational unit, a power pack and up to 5 sensors have to be ordered. And, optionally, a built-in pump or a datalogger can be ordered.
-20 ... +55 °C, short-term -40 ... +60 °C
700 ... 1300 hPa
10 ... 95 % r.F.
Alarms (visual/audible):360° flashing LEDs / >100 dB(A) at 30 cm
Charging time:3.5 to 7 hours, depending on battery type
Pump mode:maximum hose length of 45 m
Dimensions (W x H x D):150 x 140 x 75 mm
Weight (basic unit/battery):600 g / 490 g (3,0 Ah), 730 g (6,0 Ah)
Ingress protection:IP 67
Approvals:ATEX, MED, CSA, IECEx

TypePKCat. No. Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
Set pump membrane17.619 1211su richiesta 
Sealing plate complete17.657 6221su richiesta 
Charging module16.227 1321241,23 Aggiungi al carrello
Car mounting kit17.656 8011su richiesta 
Power supply (worldwide) for 2 charging modules16.267 8661su richiesta 
Set sensor membrane57.619 1201su richiesta 
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