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Accessories for Microliter Pipettes Eppendorf Research®

DescriptionPKCat. No. Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
Eppendorf Research® plus red adjustment seal ADJ, 1 set = 5 pcs14.655 5041su richiesta 
Adjustment tool, for changing factory or secondary user adjustment14.655 5011su richiesta 
Safety plug tools, 5 pieces54.655 5051su richiesta 
Eppendorf Research® plus protection filter, for tip cone, 5 ml, color code violet, 1 set = 50 pcs506.243 1471su richiesta 
Eppendorf Research® plus protection filter, for tip cone, 10 ml, color code turquoise, 1 set = 50506.901 3981su richiesta 
O-ring for tip cones, red, for 100 and 300 μl multi-channel pipettes, with mounting aid, 1 set = 24 pcs247.089 6611su richiesta 
Cutting tool, for O-rings of 100 and 300 μl, for Eppendorf Research® plus/Eppendorf Xplorer®<17.629 4091su richiesta 
Key for detachment of 2-10 ml pipettes lower parts, for Eppendorf Research® plus, Eppendorf Refere14.655 5021su richiesta 
Locking ring to prevent spring action of 10 ml to 1,000 μL single channel pipettes tip cones14.655 5031su richiesta 
Pipette grease with lint-free applicator16.280 8831su richiesta 
Eppendorf TrackIT, RFID Reader and Software14.655 5941su richiesta 
Charging adapter for pipette Research® pro17.300 2881su richiesta 
Articoli alternativi:
Micropipette Multicanale Eppendorf Research® plus (EU IVD Product), volume variabile