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Fine Dosage Syringes Injekt®-F, 2-piece

  • Made of polypropylene/polyethylene
  • Green plunger, highly transparent barrel,
  • High contrast black graduation, permanent marking, ideal readability
  • Displacement spike: Reduces residual volume and minimizes unnecessary loss of medicine
  • Safe plunger backstop, easy aspiration up to maximum volume
  • Silicone oil-free
  • Centric Luer cone
  • Latex-free/PVC-free
  • Single sterile-packed

Type Solo without needle, Luer cone according to EN ISO 7886-1.
Type Duo with bi-packed needle, Luer cone according to EN ISO 7886-1, EN ISO 7864 and DIN 13097.

GaugePKCat. No. Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
Injekt®-F Solo10.01-1007.611 629121,01 Aggiungi al carrello
Injekt®-F Duo10.0125 G | 0.5 x 16 mm1006.265 337137,49 Aggiungi al carrello
Articoli alternativi:
Siringhe monouso Omnifix® Solo, 3 pezzi