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Disposable Syringes Omnican®, Insulin

  • Scale Graduation
  • Large, easy to read scale for an exact dosage
  • Thin-walled needle (according to EN ISO 9626:2001) with extremely fine three facets grinding and a special silicone coating
  • Protective caps at the ends of the syringe guarantee its sterility
  • The crystal clear barrel of the syringe makes sure that air bubbles are easily identified
  • Piston with double sealing ring
  • Integral piston stop
  • Round shaped cylinder with black scale
  • Materials: PP, PS, IR, PE, stainless steel, silicone oil
  • Latex free, PVC- free, DEHP-free

GaugePKCat. No. Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
Omnican® 10080.3G 30 x 5/16"1006.510 3001su richiesta 
Omnican® 100, single packed80.3G 30 x 5/16"1007.656 6531su richiesta 
Omnican® 100, single packed120.3G 30 x 1/2"1007.656 654143,78 Aggiungi al carrello
Omnican® 50, single packed80.3G 30 x 5/16"1007.656 6521su richiesta 
Omnican® 40, single packed120.3G 30 x 1/2"1006.315 5531su richiesta 
Omnican® F120.3G 30 x 1/2"1006.076 4711su richiesta