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Volumetric flasks, borosilicate glass 3.3, class A, amber glass, white graduation, with PP stoppers, incl. ISO individual certificate

All BLAUBRAND® volumetric flasks are supplied with a batch number and an accompanying batch certificate in the original packaging. On request, they are also available with DAkkS calibration certificate.

  • Incl. ISO individual certificate
  • DIN EN ISO 1042
  • DE-M marking
  • Calibrated to contain (TC, IN)
  • Marks and inscriptions in high contrast white enamel

Footnote reference markTolerance
± ml
NSPKCat. No. Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tà/EUR 
5*0,0410/1914.684 4991su richiesta 
10*0,0410/1914.684 5001su richiesta 
20 0,0410/1914.684 5011su richiesta 
20*0,0612/2114.684 5021su richiesta 
25 0,0410/1914.684 5041su richiesta 
25*0,0612/2114.684 5031su richiesta 
50 0,0612/2114.684 5051su richiesta 
50*0,1014/2314.684 5061su richiesta 
100 0,1014/2314.684 5071su richiesta 
200 0,1514/2314.684 5081su richiesta 
250 0,1514/2314.684 5091su richiesta 
500 0,2519/2614.684 5101su richiesta 
1000 0,424/2914.684 5111su richiesta 
*Wide mouth
Articoli alternativi:
Matracci volumetrici, vetro borosilicato 3.3, classe A, vetro ambrato, graduazione bianca