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Compact automatic burette, BLAUBRAND®, Boro 3.3, class AS

All BLAUBRAND® automatic burettes are supplied with a batch number and an accompanying batch certificate in the original packaging. On request, they are also available with an individual certificate, USP individual certificate or DAkkS calibration certificate.

  • Fast to dismantle and easy to clean
  • All individual components replaceable
  • DE-M marking
  • DIN EN ISO 385
  • Calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex)

Scope of supply: Burette tube with automatic zeroing and Schellbach stripe, detachable PTFE stopcock, precision tip, filling tube (PVC, transparent)

Please order reservoir bottle, pumphead, rubber bellows, supports and burette clamps separately.

± ml
PKCat. No. Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tà/EUR 
100,020,0214.684 4281su richiesta 
250,050,0314.684 4291su richiesta 
500,10,0514.684 4301su richiesta