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Ultrapure Water System arium® mini

Ultrapure Water arium® mini is an ultrapure water system with integrated bag tank technology. The 5-liter bags are made of multilayer and specialized film, conforming to biocompatibility standards. The pure water can be stored in the side integrated 5-litre bag until the production of type 1 pure water.

The standard version of arium® mini is independent of a permanently installed water tap. Pretreated water is supplied from a container to the system via the integrated pump and is stored for further processing in the arium Bag. The water stored in this way then serves as feed water for the production of ultrapure water.
Product water resistivity (at 25 °C):18,2 MΩ × cm & < 20 μS/cm
Maximum flow rate:1 L/min (ASTM type 1)
Total organic carbon (TOC):< 5 ppb
Line voltage:100 - 240 V

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