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Density Quality Standard, 25°C

Technical Benefits
Test results accredited to ISO17025. Uncertainty of measurement (assay procedure) ± 0.16%
Produced in accordance with ASTM D4052 - 09 Guidelines
Consistency of product - Independent, Traceable, Certified
Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets available online

DescrizioneTaglioPz./Cf.Codice Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
0.6878g/ml100 ml1DEN250101115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
0.6993g/ml100 ml1DEN250201115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
0.7111g/ml100 ml1DEN250301115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
0.7223g/ml100 ml1DEN250401115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
0.7337g/ml100 ml1DEN250501115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
0.7452g/ml100 ml1DEN250601115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
0.7645g/ml100 ml1DEN250701115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
0.7853g/ml100 ml1DEN250801115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
0.8084g/ml100 ml1DEN250901115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
0.8340g/ml100 ml1DEN251001115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
0.8622g/ml100 ml1DEN251101115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
0.9060g/ml100 ml1DEN251201115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
0.9438g/ml100 ml1DEN251301115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
0.9969g/ml100 ml1DEN251401115,60 Aggiungi al carrello
1.0265g/ml100 ml1DEN251501115,60 Aggiungi al carrello