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Density Premium Standard, 60°C

Technical Benefits
High accuracy products
Tested using a fundamental measurement technique (Bingham Pycnometer)
All products tested in accordance with ASTM D1480-12 Guidelines
Consistency of product - Independent, Traceable, Certified
Certificates of Analysis and Safety Data Sheets available online

DescrizioneTaglioPz./Cf.Codice Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
0.6582g/ml100 ml1DEN60010PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.6708g/ml100 ml1DEN60020PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.6835g/ml100 ml1DEN60030PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.6955g/ml100 ml1DEN60040PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.7076g/ml100 ml1DEN60050PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.7196g/ml100 ml1DEN60060PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.7376g/ml100 ml1DEN60070PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.7572g/ml100 ml1DEN60080PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.7788g/ml100 ml1DEN60090PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.8027g/ml100 ml1DEN60100PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.8292g/ml100 ml1DEN60110PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.8790g/ml100 ml1DEN60120PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.9166g/ml100 ml1DEN60130PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.9695g/ml100 ml1DEN60140PY176,09 Aggiungi al carrello
0.9990g/ml100 ml1DEN60150PY1175,72 Aggiungi al carrello
1.0478g/ml100 ml1DEN60160PY1175,72 Aggiungi al carrello