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Single-Element Plasma Standards 2/3

Set new standards for accuracy and ease of calibration, along with precise detection of trace impurities for more than 70 elements, with J.T.Baker® single-element plasma standards. These highly pure and widely used products are packaged in bottles that are acid leached and triple rinsed and manufactured with raw materials of greater than 99.999% spectral purity. Each standard is analyzed for a specific calibrating element, as well as trace impurities.
IUPAC Formula:Fe
DescrizioneTaglioPz./Cf.Codice Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
FERRO 10.000 PPM100 ml15731.01001182,67 Aggiungi al carrello
FERRO 1.000 PPM100 ml15764.01001113,17 Aggiungi al carrello
PIOMBO 10.000 PPM100 ml15732.01001189,18 Aggiungi al carrello
PIOMBO 1.000 PPM100 ml15765.01001118,55 Aggiungi al carrello
LITIO 10.000 PPM100 ml15733.01001189,18 Aggiungi al carrello
LITIO 1.000 PPM100 ml15766.01001118,55 Aggiungi al carrello
MAGNESIO 10.000 PPM100 ml15734.01001191,06 Aggiungi al carrello
MAGNESIO 1.000 PPM100 ml15767.01001118,55 Aggiungi al carrello
MANGANESE 10.000 PPM100 ml15735.01001189,18 Aggiungi al carrello
MANGANESE 1.000 PPM100 ml15793.01001118,55 Aggiungi al carrello
MERCURIO 10.000 PPM100 ml15736.01001280,22 Aggiungi al carrello
MERCURIO 1.000 PPM100 ml15768.01001182,01 Aggiungi al carrello
MOLIBDENO 10.000 PPM100 ml15737.01001159,11 Aggiungi al carrello
MOLIBDENO 1.000 PPM100 ml15769.01001118,55 Aggiungi al carrello
NICHELIO 10.000 PPM100 ml15738.01001189,18 Aggiungi al carrello
NICHELIO 1.000 PPM100 ml15770.01001118,55 Aggiungi al carrello
POTASSIO 10.000 PPM100 ml15741.01001191,06 Aggiungi al carrello
POTASSIO 1.000 PPM100 ml15774.01001122,11 Aggiungi al carrello
SCANDIO 10.000 PPM100 ml15742.01001913,50 Aggiungi al carrello
SCANDIO 1.000 PPM100 ml15776.01001243,80 Aggiungi al carrello
SELENIO 10.000 PPM100 ml15743.01001189,18 Aggiungi al carrello
SELENIO 1.000 PPM100 ml15777.01001118,55 Aggiungi al carrello
NIOBIO 10.000 PPM100 ml15760.01001296,33 Aggiungi al carrello
NIOBIO 1.000 PPM100 ml15771.01001183,92 Aggiungi al carrello