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Redox Standard

Widest range of values and pack options available in the market
Very high specifications (±5mV)
Extensive technical advice on the measurement techniques available
Detailed Safety Data Sheets available online
Enquiries for customized or bulk options welcome
All products certified with proven verifiable accuracy and uncertainty of measurement

DescrizioneTaglioPz./Cf.Codice Ord.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
124mV @25° C500ml1RS1241su richiesta 
124mV @25° C10 lt1RS124101635,24 Aggiungi al carrello
200mV @25° C500ml1RS2001su richiesta 
200mV @25° C10 lt1RS200101635,24 Aggiungi al carrello
220mV @25° C500ml1RS220149,99 Aggiungi al carrello
220mV @25° C10 lt1RS220101635,24 Aggiungi al carrello
250mV @25° C500ml1RS2501su richiesta 
250mV @25° C10 lt1RS250101635,24 Aggiungi al carrello
300mV @25° C500ml1RS300149,99 Aggiungi al carrello
300mV @25° C10 lt1RS300101635,24 Aggiungi al carrello
358mV @25° C500ml1RS358149,99 Aggiungi al carrello
358mV @25° C10 lt1RS358101635,24 Aggiungi al carrello
400mv @25°C500ml1RS400149,97 Aggiungi al carrello
400mv @25°C10 lt1RS400101635,24 Aggiungi al carrello
465mV @25° C500ml1RS4651su richiesta 
465mV @25° C10 lt1RS465101635,24 Aggiungi al carrello
600mV @25° C500ml1RS600149,99 Aggiungi al carrello
600mV @25° C10 lt1RS600101635,24 Aggiungi al carrello
650mV @25°C500ml1RS6501su richiesta 
650mV @25°C10 lt1RS650101635,24 Aggiungi al carrello
124mV @25°C (Bag in Box Format)10 lt BIB1RSB124101683,06 Aggiungi al carrello
220mV @25°C (Bag in Box Format)10 lt BIB1RSB220101683,06 Aggiungi al carrello
250mV @25°C (Bag in Box Format)10 lt BIB1RSB250101683,06 Aggiungi al carrello
358mV @25°C (Bag in Box Format)10 lt BIB1RSB358101683,06 Aggiungi al carrello
650mV @25°C (Bag in Box Format)10 lt BIB1RSB650101683,06 Aggiungi al carrello