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Bagni ad acqua digitali JB Nova 
Bagni ad acqua senza agitazione serie SUB Aqua Pro, digitali 
Bagno ad acqua digitale di base JB Academy 
Accessori per agitatore basculante PMR-30, piattaforma basculante PS-3D e ruotatore multifunzione PSM-3D 
Accessori per agitatore Orbitale PSU-10i 
Accessori per agitatore Orbitale PSU-20i 
Accessori per bagni ad acqua serie Optima™ 
Accessori per bagnimaria con agitazione 
Accessori per Incubatori con agitazione ES-20 / ES-80 
Accessori per mini agitatore Verticale PTR-25 
Accessori per regolatori Termostatici serie Optima™ 
Accessories for Ultrasonic baths XUB / XUBA 
Agitatore a piattaforma PMR-100 
Agitatore con piattaforma oscillante PS-3D 
Agitatore orbitale PSU-10i 
Agitatore orbitale PSU-20i 
Agitatore per micropiastre PMS-1000i 
Agitatore termico per micropiastre TS-DW 
Agitatore vortex per provette PV-1 
Aspiratore con trappola a bottiglia FTA-1 
Bagni a circolazione refrigerati/riscaldati LT ecocool 
Bagni termostatici con agitazione serie Optima™ 
Bagnimaria con agitazione LSB Aqua Pro 
Bagnimaria con agitazione, accessori 
Bagnimaria termostatici senza agitazione 
Bagnomaria a scuotimento OLS 26 Aqua Pro 
Blocchi accessori per Termoagitatore PCMT 
Blocchi per Microprovette per Termoagitatore PHMT 
Blocchi riscaldanti per Termoagitatore per Deep weel TS-DW 
Blocchi termostatici digitali, QB, per serie QBD, QBH 
Blocchi termostatici, serie QBD e QBH 
Blocco termostato PCH-1 / PCH-2 / PCH-3 
Blocco termostato per microprovette BTD 
Cappa UV/PCR Mod. UVT-B-AR 
Centrifuga CVP-2 
Centrifuga Multi-Spin PCV-6000 
Centrifuga/Vortex, Combi-Spin PCV-2400 
Coperchi per bagni ad acqua serie Optima™ 
Coperchi per bagnimaria senza agitazione 
Coperchi per bagnimaria senza agitazione 
Coperchi per blocchi termostatici serie QBD, QBH 
Densitometri DEN-1 / DEN-1B 
Incubatori con agitazione ES-20 / ES-80 
Mini agitatore verticale PTR-25 
Mini Centrifuga Microspin 12 
Piattaforma per scuotitori multifunzione PTR-35 
Piattaforma rocker PMR-30 
Piattaforme per scuotitori multifunzione PTR-60 
Portaprovette per bagni ad acqua serie Optima™ 
Portaprovette per bagnimaria termostatici senza agitazione 
Portaprovette per bagnomaria con agitazione, serie SR 
Regolatori Termostatici Optima™ T100 / TC120 
Regolatori Termostatici Optima™ TX150 / TXF200 
Ripiani interni per bagnimaria senza agitazione 
Ripiani sospesi per bagni ad acqua serie Optima™ 
Scuotitore multifunzione oscillante PS-M3D 
Scuotitore termostatico per micropiastre PHMP / PHMP-100 / PHMP-4 
Scuotitori multifunzione PTR-35 / PTR-60 
Termoagitatore PCMT per microprovette e piastre PCR 
Termoblocco con agitazione per microprovette PHMT 
Termostati refrigerati a circolazione LTC4 
Ultrasonic baths XUB series, digital 
Ultrasonic baths XUBA series, analogue 
Vasche serie Optima™, acciaio inossidabile 
Vasche serie Optima™, plastica 
Vassoio per bagnimaria con agitazione serie OLS/LSB 
 Accessori per bagnimaria con agitazione Tipo Supporto SH Per piastre a pozzetti 
 Refrigerante a circolazione 
 Refrigerante a circolazione 
 Termostato digitale 
Termostato digitale 
Vassoio matracci 
 [EN]: ***no longer available*** Power supply board for block thermostat QBD2 
 [EN]: ***no longer available*** UV cabinat/PCR workstation with dual UV protection lamp 
 [EN]: Adapter between cap and filter 
 [EN]: Adapter for 16 mm tubes 
 [EN]: aluminium block, plain 75 x 96 x 50 mm 
 [EN]: Axis neck for PVC-2400 
 [EN]: Base tray, PC for SAP2S, SAP5, JBN5 and JBA5 
 [EN]: Base tray, PC for SUB AQUA 12 PLUS/ SUB AQUA 12/ JB AQUA 12 PLUS/ JB AQUA 12, SUB14 
 [EN]: Base tray, PC for SUB AQUA 26 PLUS/ SUB AQUA 26/ JB AQUA 26 PLUS/ JB AQUA 26, SUB28 
 [EN]: Base tray, stainless steel, for SAP18/26, JBN18/26, JBA18 and SBB AQUA 18/26 PLUS 
 [EN]: Belt for platform rocker PMR-100 
 [EN]: Belt for POS-300 
 [EN]: Bi-directional gradient plate GRD1 for plant research and other applications 
 [EN]: Bi-directional gradient plate GRD1 LH for plant research and other applications, with integral light hood 
 [EN]: Blank for block thermostate UBD2 
 [EN]: Block QB13 for 12 tubes 13 mm diam. x 50 mm depth 
 [EN]: Block QB16 for 1x6 tubes 16 mm diam. ***Special model*** 
 [EN]: Block QB16 for 3x6 tubes 16 mm diam. ***Special model*** 
 [EN]: Block QB17H for 10 falcon tubes 17 mm diam., extra deep, holes 75mm deep 
 [EN]: Block thermostate QBH2, 300W 2 Blöcke, 110V 50/60Hz 200 x 280 x 100 mm, with US mains plug 
 [EN]: Bridge plate fits T Optima heating circulator models to S12, 18, 26 & 38 tanks 
 [EN]: Calibration certificate for QBD2 with external sensor QBEP calibration point: 30°, 37° and 40° 
 [EN]: Capillary tube controller automatic 
 [EN]: Centrifuge low speed benchtop, 0 - 3000 rpm, 12 x 2-50ml tubes/2 x plates 
 [EN]: CH power cable 
 [EN]: Clamp for Temperature probe 
 [EN]: Commpresor EM T37HDP 240V 
 [EN]: Control board 
 [EN]: Control display pcb 
 [EN]: Control PCB 
 [EN]: Controll board for PMS-1000 
 [EN]: Controlled Rate Freezer for 18x0.3ml IMV straws CRF-1 H01 
 [EN]: Data logger Squirrel 
 [EN]: DC Motor for PMR-30 
 [EN]: Display for shaking water bath GLS400 
 [EN]: Double clamp to attach clamp to stirrer hotplate integral stand 
 [EN]: Drain insert 
 [EN]: Drain insert for water bath 
 [EN]: Dust filter LFT 80F 145 for PCR cabinet UVC/T-AR 
 [EN]: External probe for QBD and QBH 
 [EN]: External temperature probe plastic, flexible for TX150, TXF200 
 [EN]: External temperature probe stainless steel 
 [EN]: Filter replacement 
 [EN]: Float for thermostatic controller GD 120 GR 150, GA 100, GD 100 
 [EN]: Float tube for thermostatic controller GD 120 
 [EN]: front glass lower 
 [EN]: Front moulding mercury range 
 [EN]: Fuse FSM0 1A for PCR cabinet UVC/T-AR 
 [EN]: Fuß for dry heating block QBD2 
 [EN]: Gear set for mini platform shaker PMR-30 
 [EN]: Gear set PMR-30 
 [EN]: Heating element for Block thermostat QBA1 
 [EN]: Heating element for SBB28 
 [EN]: Heating element Sap 26 for heating block QBD2 
 [EN]: Heating plate assembly for QBD2 
 [EN]: holder fuse drawer 
 [EN]: Hybrid Circuit Kit 
 [EN]: Insert drain for dry heating block QBD2 
 [EN]: Inspissator for the production of tuberculosis culture medium, LED display temp.range +5...100°C, 380x1040x600mm 
 [EN]: Insulated hosing kit General urpose -40 to 100°C incl. clips and connector for LT ecocool 
 [EN]: Insulated hosing kit High temperature Viton® -50 to 200°C incl. clips and connector for LT ecocool 
 [EN]: Insulation for QBD2 
 [EN]: IQ/OQ documentation for DEN-1B 
 [EN]: IQOQ booklet for DEN-1 
 [EN]: IQOQ booklet for PSU-10i 
 [EN]: Keypad 
 [EN]: Keypad for Optima elastomer 
 [EN]: Label QBD2 
 [EN]: LCD board 
 [EN]: Lid 18 & 26L, clear 
 [EN]: Lid, stainless steel for S12 and ST12 water baths 
 [EN]: Lid, stainless steel for S18/26 and ST18/26 water baths 
 [EN]: Lid, stainless steel for S38/26 and ST38/26 water baths 
 [EN]: Light diode 
 [EN]: Light diode 
 [EN]: Lower hinge 
 [EN]: Magnet drive housing, gasket, washer 
 [EN]: Magnetic stirrer hotplate MSH-300i EURO Intelli-Stirrer, digital 100-1,250rpm, incl. power cord set type IEC C13 
 [EN]: Magnetic stirrer MMS-3000 EURO (0-3000 RPM) with stirring bar and 12 V external power adaptor 
 [EN]: Main socket 
 [EN]: Mains Switch for Grant GD120 water bath 
 [EN]: Metal rod for QBD4 dry block 
 [EN]: Microtube insert for 24 x 0.5 ml and 48 x 0.2 ml tubes or 8 x 0.2 ml strips, for MPS-1 
 [EN]: Microtube insert for 24 x 1.5/2.0 ml tubes for MPS-1 
 [EN]: Microtube insert for 32 x 0.5 ml tubes, for MPS-1 
 [EN]: Microtube insert for 96 x 0.2 ml or 96 x 0.2 ml strips, or 96-well PCR-plates, for MPS-1 
 [EN]: Middle knob 
 [EN]: Motor 
 [EN]: Motor DPA-25 assy for PMS-1000 
 [EN]: motor for a GLS 400 (SN: 8T07 49003) 
 [EN]: Motor for mini centrifuge PVC-2400 
 [EN]: motor for PHMT 
 [EN]: motor for shaker PSU-10i 
 [EN]: motor for shaker PSU-20i 
 [EN]: Mounting with nuts 
 [EN]: Multi functions rotator PTR-60 platform for 48 micro tubes 110 V 
 [EN]: Multi tube digital vortex, 300-3500rpm, 0.2ml - 50ml tubes, includes (SV-4/30, SV-10/10, SV-16/8, SV-8/15) 
 [EN]: Nut M12, stainless steel for block thermostat QBD2 
 [EN]: O ring 16.0 ID, 2.0 Ø, nitrile for dry heating block QBD2 
 [EN]: O-Ring motor drive 
 [EN]: Outer ring around the knob QBD2 
 [EN]: PCB for bath model GRANT SAP5 
 [EN]: PCB heater 
 [EN]: Pin for GLS Aqua plus 12 
 [EN]: Platform fixing Clamp Nut only for PSU-20i 
 [EN]: Platform for 6 x 0.2ml strips or 48 tubes of 0.2ml 
 [EN]: Platform IPP-2 for 2 microplates 
 [EN]: Platform PS-3D, without mat? 
 [EN]: Platform replacement 32 tube 16 x 1,5ml plus 8 x 0,5ml plus 8 x 0,2 ml fits V-32 
 [EN]: Polycarbonate gabled lid (transparent) for SUB AQUA 2S/5, JB AQUA 2S/5, SUB6, SBB6 
 [EN]: Power board 
 [EN]: Power cable for LSB and OLS26 shaker range 
 [EN]: Power cord Euro plug for PHMT 
 [EN]: Power supply for PHMT EURO 
 [EN]: Power supply for PV-1 
 [EN]: probe for cooler LTD 6 
 [EN]: Pump conn. plastic replacement inlet/outlet Fits tubing 9mm inner dia. Temp range -50 to 200?C 
 [EN]: Pump connection for tubing with ID 7mm, metal inlet/outlet, temp.range -40...+120°C, hose barb 7mm 
 [EN]: Pump metal inlet/outlet plate 1/4" BSP/G1/4 female, temp.range -50...+200°C 
 [EN]: PV-1 Rubber L (blue) 
 [EN]: Replacement heater coil for GD100K 
 [EN]: Replacement propeller for Thermostatic bath ST-12 
 [EN]: Replacement pump motor for GR150 
 [EN]: Rubber belt for PHMP/PHMT 
 [EN]: Rubber belt len 361.3 for PHMT 
 [EN]: Rubber belt POS-300 
 [EN]: Rubber belt PS-M3D 
 [EN]: Rubber collar for 3D 
 [EN]: Rubber foot for Mini-Vortex mixer PV-1 
 [EN]: Rubber shock absorber PMR-30 
 [EN]: Screw cap blue 
 [EN]: Sensor DS18B20 for PHMT 
 [EN]: Short Axle Kit for LSB, OLS including 28306 x2 and 28305 x4 incl. grub screws and washers 
 [EN]: Small 90 degree elbow (h) 
 [EN]: Special block QBD-27 4 x 27,5mm hole dia., 80mm depth ***custom made product*** 
 [EN]: Speed sensor board 
 [EN]: Stainless steel element for water bath type SBB 28 with terminals 
 [EN]: Strap for PMS-1000 
 [EN]: Temperature probe for Magnetic stirrer hotplate MSH-300i EURO 
 [EN]: Temperature sensor for shaking water bath GLS400 
 [EN]: Thermostate TC 120 digital, -20...+120°C, w/o clamp, with pump, with UK plug 
 [EN]: Thermostate TC 120 T digital, -20...+120°C, with clamp, with pump 
 [EN]: Thermostatic bath 18 litres programmable, USB, stainelss steel tank, with pump, bridge plate, 0...150°C 
 [EN]: Thermostatic bath, 12 ltr. digital, incl.drain and relay, 0...+100°C 
 [EN]: Thermostatic bath, 12 Ltr., digital programmable, USB, RS232-interface, with pump, -47...100°C, incl. drain, relay 12 
 [EN]: Thermostatic bath, 18 ltr. programmable, USB, stainless steel tank, with pump, bridge plate, Amb. +5...+200°C 
 [EN]: Thermostatic bath, 20 ltr. -30 to 100°C, includes drain, relay 
 [EN]: Thermostatic bath, 20 ltr. digital, incl.drain and relay, 0...+100°C 
 [EN]: Thermostatic bath, 5 litres programmable, USB, stainless steel tank, w.pump, bridge plate, 0...200°C, with UK plug 
 [EN]: Thermostatic stirrer T100T digital, 0...+100°C, incl.clamp with EU plug 
 [EN]: Thermostatic stirrer T100T digital, 0...+100°C, incl.clamp with UK plug 
 [EN]: Trap flask 1L with lid cup insert and sealer 
 [EN]: Uninterruptible power system (UPS) for the freezer for a 3 hour cycle of an electrical power failure 
 [EN]: Universal 6-socket platform for 10 ml tubes up to 15 mm Ø 
 [EN]: Universal block QDP-FL with lid for 96 well plates, for QBA2, QBD2, 140x100x75mm 
 [EN]: Universal block QDP-H for 96 well plates, for QBA2, QBD2, 140x100x75mm 
 [EN]: Universal spring clamp platform Compatible with ES-20 and ES-80 
 [EN]: upper temperature cut-out 
 [EN]: UV cabinat/PCR workstation with dual UV protection lamp and UV recirculator 
 [EN]: UV chamber double PCR format 
 [EN]: UV lamp TUV 25W G13 UVC 
 [EN]: Vertical turbine pump VTP1 1000 mbar pressure 
 [EN]: VIS lamp TLD 15W Philips 
 [EN]: Vortexer MPS-1 High-speed mixer shaker 
 [EN]: Vortexer V-32 for tubes up to 20 mm Ø 
 [EN]: washer part for GLS Aqua plus 12 
 [EN]: Worm gear Siemens PS-3D