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Accessori per Bagnomaria Butytherm Mini 
 Accessori per Bagnomaria per butirrometri W1 
Accessori per bagnomaria per butirrometri WB 22 Pump 
Accessori per Butirrometri 
Accessori per butirrometri 
Accessori per Centrifuga Universale Gerber 
Accessori per Tubi di estrazione Mojonnier 
Bagnomaria per butirrometri W1 
Bagnomaria per butirrometri WB 22 Pump 
Bottiglie per campioni di latte 
Butirrometri per crema di latte 
Butirrometri per crema Roeder con accessori 
Butirrometri per formaggi e Quark con Accessori 
Butirrometri per gelato Koehler 
Butirrometri per Latte in Polvere Teichert con Accessori 
Butirrometri per Latte originali Gerber 
Butirrometri Standard per crema Koehler Gerber 
Butter butyrometer, according Roeder 
Centrifuga Gerber Universale 
Centrifuga Micro II 
Centrifuga Micro II 
Contacolonie, ColonyCount V, manuale 
Cryoscope calibration solutions 
Imbuto Filtrante per campioni di latte in polvere 
Mestoli per latte 
Miscelatore per solubilità Solumixer 
Misuratore di sedimentazione Rapido 
Pipette per Butirrometri 
 Supporto bottiglie per campioni di Latte, acciaio inossidabile 
Tubi di estrazione Mojonnier, vetro Borosilicato 3.3 
 Apparecchi per analisi del latte in polvere 
Apparecchi per analisi del latte in polvere 
 Centrifuga Universal 
Densimetri per latte 
 Densimetri per latte 
 [EN]: ***temporary not available*** Centrifuge Mikro II with top for 8 butryrometer 
 [EN]: Acid value fast operation burette Dornic 0-100°D, bottle 500 ml, PE 
 [EN]: Acid value fast operation burette Dornic 0-40°D, bottle 500 ml, PE 
 [EN]: Acidity meter Salut incl. 2 sample jars with drain opening 
 [EN]: adapter for petri dishes 120/50 mm 
 [EN]: adapterset for petri dishes 90/80/60/50 mm 
 [EN]: ADPI comparison chart 
 [EN]: Aluminium-dish, numbered 87 mm 
 [EN]: Automat. burette f. milk 0-25°SH witk zero-point determination, Soxhlet-handle, incl. poly bottle 500 ml 
 [EN]: Automat. burette f. milk 0-40°SH witk zero-point determination, incl. poly bottle 1000 ml 
 [EN]: Babcock-Essay on Micro II 
 [EN]: Babcock-Sleeve on Micro II 
 [EN]: Brush for Butyrometer body 
 [EN]: Bürste für Butyrometerskala mit starkem Draht 
 [EN]: Bürste GOUPIFLEX, groß, 60 cm mit flexieblem Stiel, für Kolben bis 500 ml 
 [EN]: Bürste GOUPIFLEX, klein, 45 cm mit flexieblem Stiel, für Kolben bis 500 ml 
 [EN]: Butter borer, blade length 240mm stainless steel, wooden handle 
 [EN]: Butter butyrometer 0 - 70 - 90% without equipment 
 [EN]: Butyrometer stand for 36 samples (6x6), aluminum 
 [EN]: cavity for petri dish 
 [EN]: Centrifuge glass Trommsdorff 10 ml, capillary shaped, graduated tip 
 [EN]: Centrifuge Micro II for 8 Babcock tubes 230 V 
 [EN]: Centrifuge Micro II for 8 Babcock tubes with UK plug 
 [EN]: Centrifuge tubes 24x190 mm 
 [EN]: Cheese butyrometer "van Gulik/DIN" 
 [EN]: Cheese butyrometer "van Gulik/DIN" 0-40%:0.5 with stopper and beaker incl. certificate 
 [EN]: cheese butyrometer 0-40% 
 [EN]: cheese butyrometer 0-40% norm:BS696 
 [EN]: Cheese butyrometer van Gulik 0-40%, division 0.5, ISO, calibrated 
 [EN]: Cheese drill size 2 125x19/14 mm 
 [EN]: Cheese drill size 3 140x21/17 mm 
 [EN]: Chemical thermometer -10...+ 150°C red filling 
 [EN]: Contrast insert plate Colonycount V Ø 120mm Black, PE, 3mm thick 
 [EN]: Control unit for Universal / Compact 
 [EN]: Cooling liquid 500 ml for cryoscopes 
 [EN]: counting disk for Colonicont IV 
 [EN]: Cream and ice cream butyrometer "Koehler" 0-50%:0,5 
 [EN]: Cream and ice cream butyrometer "Koehler" 0-70%:1,0 
 [EN]: Cream and ice cream butyrometer% fat: 0 - 40; Division 0.5 ( 0.25) 
 [EN]: Cream butyrometer "Roeder" 0-40%:0,5, calibrated with accessories, Code 662-40E 
 [EN]: Cream butyrometer "Roeder" 0-50%:0,5, 
 [EN]: Cream butyrometer nat.Normen (BS696) fat 0-70%:1,0 
 [EN]: Cream butyrometer ponder method 5 g , 0-25%:0.2 
 [EN]: Cream butyrometer Roeder 0-40%:0.5 
 [EN]: Cream pipet 5ml 20°C, Norwegian standard 
 [EN]: Cryoscope -30...+50°C HG, w/o stirr motor 
 [EN]: Cryoscope C1 
 [EN]: Dirt proofer with clamp folding aluminium bottle 500 ml, dirt field Ø 18 mm, drain tubing 
 [EN]: Dirt sample pump 
 [EN]: Dry mass calculator Ackermann 
 [EN]: External counting pin to Colony Count V Cable length approx. 80 cm 
 [EN]: Filterplates, cotton filter Ø 30mm compressed in cardboard, w.writing area, pack of 500 
 [EN]: Flaschenbürste Ø 30x280 mm 
 [EN]: Flaschenbürste Ø 70x530 mm 
 [EN]: Funnel battery to determine the water absorption capacity f. milk powder 
 [EN]: Funnel for dirt sample 
 [EN]: Funnels for samples (Determination of miscibility) 
 [EN]: Glass beaker for butyrometers "butter" pack of 10 
 [EN]: Glass beaker for butyrometers "cheese" pack of 10 
 [EN]: Glass beaker for butyrometers "cream" pack of 10 
 [EN]: Glass lifter for centrifuge tube with arrival and suction tube, stopper 
 [EN]: Glass pin for milk butyrometer pack of 10 
 [EN]: Hand pump for Dirt proofer 
 [EN]: Heat transfer fluid 250 ml 
 [EN]: Heating element 230 V, 1300 W 
 [EN]: Holding ring for ring lamp 
 [EN]: Insert for Majonnier tubes pack of 12 
 [EN]: Key for GERBAL-M pack of 10 
 [EN]: Lactodensimeter 1,025-1,036:0,0005 g/ml T=20°C, w/o thermometer, with lead shot weighted, Ø 30x300mm 
 [EN]: Lactodensimeter Quevenne 20°C 1.015 - 1.040 g/ml 
 [EN]: Lactognost Phosphatase-Test complete set for 100 tests 
 [EN]: Laktodensimeter model A 20,5 x 400 mm, 1.050 - 1.300 
 [EN]: Lid locking 230 V for centrifuge 
 [EN]: Lock flask for Lid locking 
 [EN]: Main cable 3 m with CEE-plug 230 V 
 [EN]: Manufacturer certificate for all Butyrometer 
 [EN]: Measuring pipette 4ml, graduated 0-40 °SH 
 [EN]: Meling cup Ø 60x60mm aluminium, ca.50 g 
 [EN]: Milchbutyrometer 0-4% E, F 
 [EN]: Milchpipette 10,75 ml geeicht DIN 
 [EN]: Milchpipette 11 ml amtlich geeicht 
 [EN]: Milk butyrometer 0-5%; division 0,1 official gauged 
 [EN]: Milk butyrometer 0-6% ISO 
 [EN]: Milk butyrometer 0-7% division: 0.1 0.03; officially calibrated 
 [EN]: Milk Butyrometer 0-7% division: 0.1, 0.05 
 [EN]: Milk butyrometer 0-8% acc. BS696 with dim sign on peak, even neck, w/o stopper, Gerber Code 510d-8 
 [EN]: Milk butyrometer 0-8% IE with dim sign on peak, even neck, w/o stopper 
 [EN]: Milk butyrometer 10-14R 0-10% Ref 
 [EN]: Milk butyrometer 2a-10 0-10% Ref 
 [EN]: Milk butyrometer 2A/5 0-5% Ref 
 [EN]: Milk butyrometer 2A/6 0-7% Ref 
 [EN]: Milk butyrometer 2a/9 0-9% Ref 
 [EN]: Milk pipettes 10,77ml südafr.Norm 
 [EN]: Milk pipettes 10,80ml irish Norm 
 [EN]: Milk syringe 10.73ml glass cylinder exchangeable 
 [EN]: Milk syringe 10.75ml glass cylinder exchangeable 
 [EN]: Milk syringe 10.77ml glass cylinder exchangeable 
 [EN]: Milk syringe 10.77ml glass cylinder exchangeable 
 [EN]: Milk syringe 10ml glass cylinder exchangeable 
 [EN]: Milkbutyrometer % fat: 0-20; division: 0.2 
 [EN]: Mixer for the determination Miscibility and lump formation 
 [EN]: Motor for universal centrifuge, 0.37kW, 230/400V 30.UN71B4B24 
 [EN]: Nave for Micro II Babcock 
 [EN]: Packaging test jars 1000ml with teflon ring and metal clamps, for sniff test acc.Robinson/Sniff, pack of 6 
 [EN]: Packing kit CRN 
 [EN]: Polygard thermometer 0-100°C 
 [EN]: Power cord 2 m - schuco plug 
 [EN]: Pump C-014 
 [EN]: Quick operation burette Schilling 0-5ml, 1/20, 0-50°SH, w. bottle 
 [EN]: Replacement glass cylinder for cream syringe 10ml Ø 19x75,5mm 
 [EN]: Replacement glass cylinder for cream syringe 5ml Ø 15x68mm 
 [EN]: Replacement glass cylinder for milk syringe 10,73ml 
 [EN]: Replacement glass cylinder for milk syringe 10,77ml 
 [EN]: Replacement rubber stopper for Homogenization tube 08.4000 
 [EN]: Round filter for dirt test in milk and coffee Ø 32 mm pack of 1000 
 [EN]: Rubber stopers big without hole pack of 10 
 [EN]: Rubber stopers conic 35x11/16mm pack of 10 
 [EN]: Rubber stopper double conical Ø 12/14x36 mm pack of 10 
 [EN]: Rubber stopper GERBAL-M for volumetric method butyrometers pack of 10 
 [EN]: Rubber stoppers, large 30/17x22mm with hole pack of 10 
 [EN]: Sample glass to cryoscope; 2.0 ml with ring mark pack of 10 
 [EN]: Sample glass Ø52 x 245mm, NS45/40 for determining of miscibility 
 [EN]: Sample rack for 30 cryoscope glasses 
 [EN]: Sealing ring for filtration unit pack of 3 
 [EN]: Sealing ring to Solumixer 
 [EN]: Sieve Ø 28 mm for filtration unit 
 [EN]: Snellen cylinder with lighting and tripod 230 V 
 [EN]: Snellen viewing cylinder Ø25x680mm with sealing ring to Snellencylinder # 27.130004 with writing test to Snellency 
 [EN]: Solumixer standard, Solubility mixer, with glass jar, 115VAC/50Hz 
 [EN]: Spare measuring cylinder for STAV II 
 [EN]: Stir wire MC 080 
 [EN]: Stirring wire Ø 1.2 mm automat 
 [EN]: Sulfuric Acid Pipet 17.6 ml for gravimetric method 
 [EN]: Test filter sieve Ø 100 mm for reconstituted milk 
 [EN]: Thermistor probe MC 135 
 [EN]: Thermolactodensimeter, Ø 30 x 360 mm 
 [EN]: Thermolaktodensimeter Gerber kleines Modell, 1.025-1.036 g/ml T=15°C 
 [EN]: Thermometer to cryoscope measuring range: 1.2 - + 0.4 ° C with manufacturer certificate 
 [EN]: Water bath pot with tripod For 8 butyrometers; made of Aluminium 
 [EN]: Weighing funnel BS696 made of glass 
 [EN]: Weighing funnel, glass pack of 10 
 [EN]: Weighing pipette 5 ml curved 
 [EN]: Whey hydrometer (Schotte) 
 [EN]: Wire protection housing made of stainless steel with eyelet