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Clip-on Lenti frontali laboCLIP 
Contafili di precisione in metallo 
Contafili di precisione in plastica 
Contafili per misure di precisione in metallo con scala 
Illuminated magnifiers varioLED flex 
Lamp magnifiers varioLED+ 
Lente di ingrandimento, easyPOCKET 
Lenti d'ingrandimento illuminate, powerlux 
Lenti d'ingrandimento, economiche 
Lenti di ingrandimento con fascia per il capo, laboCOMFORT 
Lenti di ingrandimento con scala di precisione 
Lenti di ingrandimento di precisione in metallo 
Lenti di ingrandimento frontali laboMED 
Lenti di precisione pieghevoli in plastica 
Lenti illuminate tascabili, mobilux® ECONOMY 
Lenti illuminate tascabili, mobilux® LED 
Microlente con illuminazione 
Occhiali con ingrandimento maxDETAIL 
 Lampade per lenti dingrandimento, vario LED Descrizione Lente Dimensioni Ø 132 mm Ingrandi- mento 2,5x / 6,0 dpt 
Lampade per lenti dingrandimento, vario LED Descrizione Protezione lente Dimensioni mm Ingrandi- mento 
 [EN]: ***after clearance sale no longer available*** Forward-space magnifier Set for labo-clip and labo-med 
 [EN]: ***after clearance sale no longer available*** Hand-Stand-Loupe visoflex 
 [EN]: 12 V power supply for microscope type 3442 - spare part - 
 [EN]: Attachment magnifier labo-med 3.0x binocular PXM lense, working distance 130 mm 
 [EN]: Attachment magnifier laboCLIP 3.0x binoculare PXM-lense part, 7.75 dpt, working distance 130 mm 
 [EN]: Attachment magnifier laboCLIP 7.0x monoculare PXM-lense part, 28.0 dpt, working distance 32 mm 
 [EN]: Ball bulb 2,5 V, 250 mA, pack of 5 
 [EN]: Base for stand magnifying glasses 
 [EN]: Cleaning spray 2 x 30 ml alcohol-free, non-smearing, microfibre cleaning cloth, pack of 6 
 [EN]: Cross line ocular 10x with micrometer-scale 
 [EN]: Disinfection spray 100ml with microfibre cleaning cloth pack of 6 
 [EN]: Display visoPOCKET 2.5x, 6.0 Dioptre 74 x 48 mm, leather, 4x black, 3x brown, 3x red pack of 10 
 [EN]: Einschlaglupe 10,0x weiß 
 [EN]: Einschlaglupe 3,5x schwarz 
 [EN]: Illuminated magnifying "LED-powerlux" magn.7x, 8000 K, Ø 58mm illumination: 2 SMD-LED 
 [EN]: Illuminated magnifying "mobilux LED" 12,5x magn., 35 mm Ø illumination: lamp 
 [EN]: Illuminated magnifying "mobilux LED" 5x20 Dpt magn., 58 mm Ø illumination: LED smd 
 [EN]: Illuminated magnifying lens "mobilux economy" 5.0x magnification, 58 mm Ø, 20.0 dpt ilumination: lamp 
 [EN]: Illuminated magnifying lens easyPOCKET 3,0x magnification, 86x54x6 mm, black illumination: extra thin SMD-LED 
 [EN]: Illuminated magnifying lens easyPOCKET 4,0x magnification, 140 x 80 x 10mm 
 [EN]: Illuminated pocket magnifiers "mobilux LED" 75 x 50 mm, 4.0 x 16.0 diffractive aspheric lens without cera-tech  
 [EN]: Illuminated pocket magnifiers mobilux LED" 75 x 50 mm, 3.5 x 10.0 
 [EN]: Incident light Stereo Microscope 
 [EN]: LED incident light ring light with power supply 
 [EN]: Lederetui, schwarz für Fadenzähler 
 [EN]: Lederetui, schwarz für Fadenzähler 
 [EN]: Lenses 2,0x 2,5 dpt, binocular, working distance 250 mm 
 [EN]: Leseglas aspheric II, 50mm Ø Vergrößerung 6x, 24,0 dpt, asphärische PXM® Leichtlinse 
 [EN]: Leseglas aspheric II, 58mm Ø Vergrößerung 5x, 20,0 dpt, asphärische PXM® Leichtlinse 
 [EN]: Leuchtlupe 12x Vergr. Batterieversion 
 [EN]: Leuchtlupe, 10-fache Vergrößerung 
 [EN]: Leuchtlupe, Vergrößerung 7x/28Dpt (Batterieversion) 
 [EN]: Line tester w.collateral mm scale 10x/40dpt. 
 [EN]: Linsenlampe 2,2 V, 250 mA für # 1571, 1572, 1573, 1575 E10, VE=5 
 [EN]: Linsenteil 1,7x 2,5 dpt, binokular, Arbeitsabstand 400 mm 
 [EN]: Linsenteil 2,5x 5,0 dpt, binokular, Arbeitsabstand 180 mm 
 [EN]: Linsenteil 3,0x 7,75 dpt, binokular, Arbeitsabstand 130 mm 
 [EN]: Loupe lenses "Rido-Med" 2,5x, Binocular, pupil distance 54-74mm, ca.350 mm 
 [EN]: Magnifier 6x aplanat, 23mm diam. 
 [EN]: Magnifier pot for LED illumination 11514 - spare part - 
 [EN]: Magnifying lens 10x aplanatic model 23 mm Ø 
 [EN]: Magnifying lens 5x/19dpt. 
 [EN]: mobilent LED 10.0x, 32.0 Dioptre white, shiny 
 [EN]: mobilent LED 4.0x, 16.0 Dioptre white, shiny 
 [EN]: mobilent LED 7.0x, 28.0 Dioptre white, shiny 
 [EN]: NF-Linsenlampe 2,5 V, 250 mA für # 15102, 15103, 151041, 15105 15107, 151010, 151012, E10, VE=2 
 [EN]: Object clamp for microscope type 3442 pack of 2 - spare part - 
 [EN]: Pocket magnifier "mobilux" digital with lighting 
 [EN]: Präzisions-Einschlaglupe 4x + 6x = 10x Vergr., 30 mm Ø, Linse bikonvex, aus Metall 
 [EN]: Reading glass "aspheric II" 100x50mm Magnification 3x 7.6 dpt, Aspherical PXM® light lens 
 [EN]: Spare precision chart 
 [EN]: Spare precision chart 
 [EN]: Spare precision chart 
 [EN]: Spare precision chart 
 [EN]: Uhrmacherlupe 10 x 25 mm 
 [EN]: Visomed range 2,5 x size: 80mm 
 [EN]: visoPOCKET 2.5x, 6.0 Dioptre 74 x 48 mm, black, leather 
 [EN]: visoPOCKET 2.5x, 6.0 Dioptre 74 x 48 mm, brown, leather 
 [EN]: visoPOCKET 2.5x, 6.0 Dioptre 74 x 48 mm, red, leather 
 [EN]: Watchmaker's magnifier 3x Lens plankonvex 25 mm Ø 
 [EN]: Watchmaker's magnifier 5x Lens plankonvex 25 mm Ø