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Safety Eyeshields uvex x-fit

  • Classic safety spectacles with good coverage of the whole eye area
  • Lightweight at just 23 grams
  • Innovative hinged sidearm design
  • Frame colour: transparent blue or transparent grey
  • Completely metal-free
  • Reliable UV 400 protection

uvex supravision excellence coated lenses are anti-fog (for at least 16 seconds) on the inside, while the outside offers extreme scratch and chemical resistance. The anti-fogging properties are permanent even after repeated cleaning. The lenses are also easy to clean and less susceptible to dirt due to the non-stick nanotechnology.

uvex supravision sapphire coated lenses are excellent scratch resistance
4.664 173 Catalogo Exacta Optech

4.664 173
ColourLensPKCat. No.   LCOrd.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR  
bluetransparent/UV 2-1.2, sv excellence14.664 173  15,44 Aggiungi al carrello
greytransparent/UV 2-1.2, sv sapphire14.664 174 Promo al 31/03 14,72 Aggiungi al carrello
greyamber/UV 2-1.2, sv excellence14.664 175 Promo al 31/03 16,17 Aggiungi al carrello