Catalogo Exacta Optech 
Gloves ASPURE, PU laminated

  • PU Laminate material on the palm part ensures good grip
  • Material for the top of hand: Nylon or Mesh
  • Dust-Free
  • Each size is marked by a different wrist color
  • 1 bag with 12 pairs
Gloves ASPURE, PU laminated Catalogo Exacta Optech

Gloves ASPURE, PU laminated
SizeDescriptionColourPKCat. No. LCOrd.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
SNylon Halfgreen124.662 660 1su richiesta 
MNylon Halfwhite124.662 661 1su richiesta 
LNylon Halfred124.662 662 1su richiesta 
SPU laminated fabric meshgreen124.662 663 1su richiesta 
MPU laminated fabric meshwhite124.662 664 1su richiesta 
LPU laminated fabric meshred124.662 665 1su richiesta 
SPU laminated fabric long meshgreen124.662 666 1su richiesta 
MPU laminated fabric long meshwhite124.662 667 1su richiesta 
LPU laminated fabric long meshred124.662 668 1su richiesta