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Jackets ASPURE, for cleanroom, Polyester

The jackets are available in four different color versions. In the area of the sleeves rubber bands are incorporated.
  • Pen holder on left sleeve
  • Anti-static protection
  • With conductive yarn
  • Surface resistance: 106 - 108 Ω
Jackets ASPURE, for cleanroom, Polyester Catalogo Exacta Optech

Jackets ASPURE, for cleanroom, Polyester
SizeColourPKCat. No. LCOrd.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
XSwhite14.663 107 1su richiesta 
Swhite14.663 108 1su richiesta 
Mwhite14.663 109 1su richiesta 
Lwhite14.663 110 1su richiesta 
XLwhite14.663 111 1su richiesta 
XSblue14.663 112 1su richiesta 
Sblue14.663 113 1su richiesta 
Mblue14.663 114 1su richiesta 
Lblue14.663 115 1su richiesta 
XLblue14.663 116 1su richiesta 
XSgreen14.663 117 1su richiesta 
Sgreen14.663 118 1su richiesta 
Mgreen14.663 119 1su richiesta 
Lgreen14.663 120 1su richiesta 
XLgreen14.663 121 1su richiesta 
XSpink14.663 122 1su richiesta 
Spink14.663 123 1su richiesta 
Mpink14.663 124 1su richiesta 
Lpink14.663 125 1su richiesta 
XLpink14.663 126 1su richiesta 
Pants ASPURE, for cleanroom, Polyester