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Overall for clean room ASPURE, polyester, with side pocket

The overall is available in four different color versions. Falling of hair, dust and other particles is prevented by double sleeves. In the area of the sleeves, the waist and the lower hem rubber bands are incorporated.
  • Side pocket
  • Oblique lateral zip
  • Anti-static protection
  • With conductive yarn
  • Suitable for clean room class ISO 5
  • Surface resistance: 106 - 108 Ω

For cleanroom use this garment has to be washed according to required cleanroom class.
Overall for clean room ASPURE, polyester, with side pocket Catalogo Exacta Optech

Overall for clean room ASPURE, polyester, with side pocket
SizeColourPKCat. No. LCOrd.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
XXSwhite14.662 942 1su richiesta 
XSwhite14.662 943 1su richiesta 
Swhite14.662 944 1su richiesta 
Mwhite14.662 945 1su richiesta 
Lwhite14.662 946 1su richiesta 
XLwhite14.662 947 1su richiesta 
XXLwhite14.662 948 1su richiesta 
XXSblue14.662 949 1su richiesta 
XSblue14.662 950 1su richiesta 
Sblue14.662 951 1su richiesta 
Mblue14.662 952 1su richiesta 
Lblue14.662 953 1su richiesta 
XLblue14.662 954 1su richiesta 
XXLblue14.662 955 1su richiesta 
XXSgreen14.662 956 1su richiesta 
XSgreen14.662 957 1su richiesta 
Sgreen14.662 958 1su richiesta 
Mgreen14.662 959 1su richiesta 
Lgreen14.662 960 1su richiesta 
XLgreen14.662 961 1su richiesta 
XXLgreen14.662 962 1su richiesta 
XXSpink14.662 963 1su richiesta 
XSpink14.662 964 1su richiesta 
Spink14.662 965 1su richiesta 
Mpink14.662 966 1su richiesta 
Lpink14.662 967 1su richiesta 
XLpink14.662 968 1su richiesta 
XXLpink14.662 969 1su richiesta