Catalogo Exacta Optech 
Gloves ASPURE, PU-coated

  • Exceptionally durable anti-slip PU (polyurethane) coatinghe edge from fraying
  • PU coated fingertips or coated palm
  • Stretchy and fit perfectly
  • Colour coding of the cuffs
  • Bag with 10 pairs
Gloves ASPURE, PU-coated Catalogo Exacta Optech

Gloves ASPURE, PU-coated
SizeDescriptionColourPKCat. No. LCOrd.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
XSfingertips PU-coatedorange104.662 549 1su richiesta 
Sfingertips PU-coatedwhite104.662 548 1su richiesta 
Mfingertips PU-coatedgreen104.662 547 1su richiesta 
Lfingertips PU-coatedgrey104.662 546 1su richiesta 
XLfingertips PU-coatedyellow104.662 545 1su richiesta 
XSpalm PU-coatedorange104.662 554 1su richiesta 
Spalm PU-coatedwhite104.662 553 1su richiesta 
Mpalm PU-coatedgreen104.662 552 1su richiesta 
Lpalm PU-coatedgrey104.662 551 1su richiesta 
XLpalm PU-coatedyellow104.662 550 1su richiesta