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General Purpose Couplings with valve, PlC Series, Acetal

PMC coupling natural white, the most used coupling series, especially for applications such as floor cleaning equipment, deionized water filtration, automated machines, compression therapy and leak detectors. Both coupling elements are fitted with a valve. When disconnecting the coupling, both sides close tightly. Main components and stop valve made of acetal. Unlocking button, springs and pins made of stainless steel 316. Material O-rings: Buna-N
  • Unlocking button for one-handed operation
  • Integrated connections for short installation lengths and fast installation
  • With stop valve
  • Combinable with LC Series couplings
Nominal size valve:1/4"
Operating pressure:8.3 bar, 120 psi
Operating temperature:-40 ... 82 °C
4.662 852 Catalogo Exacta Optech

4.662 852
diam. inside
PKCat. No. LCOrd.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
Coupling PLCD10004BSPT, thread1/4" BSPT29.214.662 846 1su richiesta 
Coupling PLCD10006BSPT, thread3/8" BSPT29.214.662 848 1su richiesta 
Coupling PLCD16004, tubing nozzle1/4", 6,4 mm49.514.662 854 1su richiesta 
Coupling PLCD16005, tubing nozzle5/16", 7,9 mm49.514.662 856 1su richiesta 
Coupling PLCD16006, tubing nozzle3/8", 9,5 mm49.514.662 857 1su richiesta 
Coupling PLCD17004, tubing nozzle1/4", 6,4 mm49.514.662 859 1su richiesta 
Coupling PLCD17005, tubing nozzle5/16", 7,9 mm49.514.662 861 1su richiesta 
Coupling PLCD17006, tubing nozzle3/8", 9,5 mm49.514.662 862 1su richiesta 
Coupling PLCD13004, In-Line compression fitting0.17", 4,3 mm46.214.662 849 1su richiesta 
Coupling PLCD130M8, In-Line compression fitting0.17", 6,0 mm49.514.662 853 1su richiesta 
Coupling PLCD13006, In-Line compression fitting0.25", 6,4 mm49.514.662 850 1su richiesta 
Coupling PLCD130M10, In-Line compression fitting0.25", 8,0 mm49.514.662 852 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD24004BSPT, thread1/4" BSPT42.214.662 879 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD24006BSPT, thread3/8" BSPT41.414.662 880 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD42004, tubing nozzle1/4", 6,4 mm52.114.662 885 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD42005, tubing nozzle5/16", 7,9 mm52.114.662 887 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD42006, tubing nozzle3/8", 9,5 mm52.114.662 888 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD22004, tubing nozzle1/4", 6,4 mm50.514.662 869 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD22005, tubing nozzle5/16", 7,9 mm50.514.662 871 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD22006, tubing nozzle3/8", 9,5 mm46.014.662 872 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD23004, tubing nozzle1/4", 6,4 mm32.514.662 874 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD23006, tubing nozzle3/8", 9,5 mm32.514.662 876 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD20004, In-Line compression fitting0.17", 4,3 mm47.814.662 864 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD200M8, In-Line compression fitting0.17", 6,0 mm46.214.662 868 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD20006, In-Line compression fitting0.25", 6,4 mm46.214.662 865 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD200M10, In-Line compression fitting0.25", 8,0 mm46.214.662 867 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD40004, panel mounting compression fitting0.17", 4,3 mm48.514.662 881 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD400M8, panel mounting compression fitting0.17", 6,0 mm51.614.662 884 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD40006, panel mounting compression fitting0.25", 6,4 mm52.114.662 882 1su richiesta 
Coupling plug PLCD400M10, panel mounting compression fitting0.25", 8,0 mm52.114.662 883 1su richiesta 
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