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Portable Viscometer B-ONE Portable

The rotational springless viscometer is the ideal tool for viscosity measurements in workshops, production areas or for field work.
  • 1 hour battery life
  • Touch-Display with indication of viscosity, speed, torque, time and charge level
  • Viscosity units: cP/Poises or mPas / Pas
  • Thixotropic measurements possible
  • Compatible measuring spindles: MS ASTM, MS BV, MS Vane
  • Languages: French, English, Russian and Spanish

Scope of supply: Viscometer incl. carrying case.

Please order measuring spindles and accessories separately.
Rotation speed:0.3...250 rpm (stepless)
Torque range:0.0 ...13 mNm
Accuracy:±1 % of full scale
Repeatability:±0.2 %
Display:7'' Touch screen
Dimensions Head (Ø x L):
Dimensions Instrument (W x D x H):
85 x 180/310* mm
125 x 265 x 65 mm
Weight:2 kg
Power supply:90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Portable Viscometer B-ONE Portable Catalogo Exacta Optech

Portable Viscometer B-ONE Portable
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B-ONE Portable16.290 196 1su richiesta 
*Length without/with spindle
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