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Thermoblock NANOCOLOR®

An important step in photometric water analysis is the digestion of the sample. The heating blocks NANOCOLOR® VARIO 4 and NANOCOLOR® VARIO C2 guarantee a fast and safe performance of all required sample digestions in water and waste water analysis.

Thanks to its active cooling function, the new NANOCOLOR® VARIO HC features, in addition to its quick heating phase, an equally fast cool-down time. Thereby, the instrument provides an even faster sample digestion, which leads to a siginifcant saving of time.

With the new NANOCOLOR® VARIO Mini, its compact size and flexible power supply, sample digestions on the road are no longer a challenge.
6.252 536 Catalogo Exacta Optech

6.252 536
TypeDescriptionPKCat. No. LCOrd.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
VARIO C212 holes for round cuvettes 16 mm O.D. incl.mains cable, folding protection hood, user manual, data cable and16.252 536 1su richiesta 
VARIO HCwith cooling function, 12 holes for round cuvettes O.D.:16mm, aerator, incl.mains cable, 2 protection hoods,26.255 337 1su richiesta 
VARIO 42 separate controllable heating units 2 x 12 holes, incl. mains cable16.269 529 1su richiesta 
VARIO MiniHeating block 6 bore holes for test tubes with 16 mm OD (outer diameter) incl. power supply, hinged protectiv16.270 602 1su richiesta