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Easy pH titrator

For simple and automated acid/base endpoint or equivalence point titrations.
  • Simplified app-style user interface
  • Various programmable methods
  • Ideal for acid/base titration in Food, cleaners and water samples
  • With optional titration software EasyDirect™
  • Printer available as accessory

Supplied with:
Basic unit with EG11-BNC sensor pH aqueous, EasyPlus burette 20 ml, EasyPlus tubing set instrument, EasyStir GT, EasyPlus titration head GT, EasyPlus drying tube, valve, bottle head, insert set titration head GT, burette cover set.
mV/pH range:±2000 mV/pH 0…14
mV/pH resolution:±0.1 mV
Temperature range:0…100 °C
Temperature resolution:±0.1°C
TypePKCat. No. LCOrd.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
Easy pH titrator for acid/base titration16.266 069 1su richiesta 
Siphon tips56.050 896 1su richiesta 
Glass beakers 100 ml206.054 086 1su richiesta 
Plastic beakers 100 ml, PP1206.266 059 1su richiesta 
Bottle adapter Merck17.619 363 1su richiesta 
USB-P25 strip printer16.264 762 1su richiesta 
EG11-BNC sensor pH aqueous16.280 333 1su richiesta 
Temperature sensor 30K17.023 796 1su richiesta