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Liquid concentrate for disinfection and cleaning, terralin® protect

For surfaces requiring hygienic safety, for odor-sensitive areas, for sensitive materials (such as acrylic glass). Based on aromatic alcohols, quaternary ammonium compounds, amphoteric glycine derivatives and nonionic surfactants.
  • Aldehyde free
  • Fresh, subtle fragrance
Effectiveness:Application time:
Bactericidal EN1276, EN13697, according to VAH60 min.
Bactericidal according to VAH15 min.
Tuberculocidal2 hrs.
Levurocide EN1650, EN13697, according to VAH60 min.
Levurocide according to VAH15 min.
Limited virucidal according to DVV60 min.
Adenovirus according to DVV4 hrs.
Norovirus2 hrs.
Polyoma SV402 hrs.
Rotavirus according to DVV5 min.
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