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Analog electro-chemical D.O. sensors TriOxmatic®

D.O. sensors with continuous measuring accuracy. Selction of models with an automatic self diagnosis system, a shorter response time and different cable lengths. All models are supplied with accessories box and can be connected to the monitor Oxi 298 (exception: TriOxmatic® 700).

TriOxmatic® 700: For biological cleaning steps (wastewater treatment plants).
With automatic self diagnosis SensReg (electrolyte consumption) and SensLeck (membrane monitoring). Medium response time of t90 < 180 s. Only available as retrofit fitting for analog converters of the Ecoline® and QuadroLine® series. Digital version still available (IQ Sensor Net System 181).

TriOxmatic® 690: For measuring tasks in wastewater/water. Economic model without self diagnosis.

TriOxmatic® 701: With increased resolution for the measurement of residual oxygen in the denitrification. Based on the increased resolution, a shorter response time (t90 < 30 s) and the thinner special membrane, this sensor can be used for quicker response processes with lower O2 concentrations.

Scope of supply: Sensor incl. accessories box with membrane heads, electrolyte solution, cleaning solution and cathode cleaner
SpecificationsTriOxmatic® 600/700 // TriOxmatic® 701
Temperature range:-5 ... 50 °C
DO concentration:0.0 ... 60.0 mg/l // 0.00 ... 20.00 mg/l
DO saturation:0 ... 600 % // 0.0 ... 60.0 mg/l / 0.0 ... 200.0 % / 0 ... 600 %
Pressure resistance:10 bar
PKCat. No. LCOrd.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
TriOxmatic® 700-71,519.822 723 1su richiesta 
TriOxmatic® 700-151517.008 264 1su richiesta 
TriOxmatic® 700-SOfreely selectable17.008 265 1su richiesta 
TriOxmatic® 700-121217.300 246 1su richiesta 
TriOxmatic® 690-7717.089 416 1su richiesta 
TriOxmatic® 690-151517.605 174 1su richiesta 
TriOxmatic® 701-7719.822 733 1su richiesta 
TriOxmatic®701-151517.008 268 1su richiesta 
TriOxmatic®701-SOfreely selectable17.008 269 1su richiesta