Catalogo Exacta Optech 
Accessories for clean room wet and dry cleaners, PurVac® X-series

9-piece accessories set, PurVac® ZDR40 consisting of
  • PU vacuum hose 3 m, conductive
  • 3-piece stainless steel hand pipe
  • Aluminum floor nozzle (with rubber lip)
  • set of brush-lips for floor nozzle
  • 3 suction nozzles silicone

Filter cartridge ULPA U15, PurVac® FXU 15
  • Fits to the models X1, X2, X3, X4
  • High performance HEPA filter
  • Separation rate 99.9995%
  • 11,000 cm² filter surface

Filter bag, PurVac® FBX20
  • Fits to the models X2 and X3
  • Microfibre fleece
  • Single use
  • IFA category M, 4-layers
  • 20 liters volume
  • 5 pieces per pack
DescriptionPKCat. No. LCOrd.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
9-piece accessories set, PurVac® ZDR4016.273 594 1su richiesta 
Filter cartridge ULPA U1516.273 595 1su richiesta 
Filter bag, PurVac® FBX2016.273 596 1su richiesta