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Cells for Photometer photoLab®

Cuvettes for photometric routine and water analytics in the UV-VIS and VIS range. Cells with matt side surface are suitable for the automatic cell detection of the photoLab® filter and spectral photometer. The glass and quartz cuvettes have a marking in order to place the cuvettes into the photometer in the same direction for an even higher precision.
  • Automatic cell detection
  • Glass and quartz cells with marking for higher precision
  • High quality optical glass for VIS
  • High quality quartz glas for UV-VIS

PKCat. No. LCOrd.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
Round cells, empty 16257.008 397C4L176,00 Aggiungi al carrello
Rectangular cellsoptical glass1027.300 132 1su richiesta 
Rectangular cellsQuarz1016.241 036 1su richiesta 
Disposable cellsPMMA101007.653 830 1su richiesta 
Rectangular cellsoptical glass2027.510 080 1su richiesta 
Rectangular cellsQuarz2016.241 035 1su richiesta 
Rectangular cellsoptical glass5017.200 109 1su richiesta 
Rectangular cellsQuarz5016.241 034 1su richiesta