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Clean room Wet/Dry cleaner, PurVac® X3-1100-NT

The compact clean room wet-dry vacuum cleaner is easy to handle and can be used either with a stainless steel float system or with a disposable dust bag. It can be cleaned with common cleaning agents and disinfectants and, except the engine head, completely autoclavable.
  • Completely made of stainless steel 304/316 electropolished
  • 3-fold filtration with ULPA filter
  • Fully autoclavable incl. rolls up to 134 ° C
  • Display of filter saturation at the engine head

Pre-filter in the tank: 2000 cm2 surface, IFA category M, PTFE non-woven material, washable
Exhaust air filter: IFA category HEPA H13, cartridge filter, long-term use
Engine cooling air filter: IFA category ULPA U15, cartridge filter, long-term use
Suction filter not included, optional ULPA U15
Suction volume:180m3 / h
Vacuum:2500 mm H2O
Noise level:75 dB (A)
Security class:IP 55
Motor power:1100 W
Motor voltage:230 V, 50 Hz
Cable:10 m PU cable
Total tank volume / wet / filter bag:40 l / 25 l / 20 l
Clean room Wet/Dry cleaner, PurVac® X3-1100-NT Catalogo Exacta Optech

Clean room Wet/Dry cleaner, PurVac® X3-1100-NT
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PurVac® X3-1100-NTup to ISO 5430 x 430 x 73027.0016.273 587 1su richiesta