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Stabilising solution for water baths ThermoClean DC

Plastic bottle containing 100 ml concentrate for 100 l water.
  • Suitable for all kinds of thermostats and circulation pumps made of metal, glass or any plastics
  • Can also be used for closed temperature control systems, e.g. pH blood gas analyser
  • Prevents algae and bacterial growth, no odour formation
  • No obstructions in tubings and temperature control system
  • Frequent cleaning of the tank is unnecessary
  • Solution is without aggressive phosphates and oxidising or reducing substances
  • Only insignificant pH value change of the water
  • Solvent-free
  • Prevents foam formation, even with strong circulation
  • Application: Take 1 ml of the solution for 1 l of distilled water (Clean the tank before use!)
6.078 075

6.078 075
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Concentrate methylene blue16.078 075 1su richiesta 
Concentrate clear16.054 842 1su richiesta