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Test Kits for Boiler-, Cooling- and Industrial Process Water

These test kits are specially developed for testing boiler, cooling and industrial process water. They make use of both colorimetric and titrimetric techniques. Each test kit contains all the necessary chemicals and reagents in liquid
or powder form to conduct the tests. The detailed instructions contain a step-by-step explanation of the test procedure. The kits are supplied in a sturdy, compact plastic case.
  • Fast quantitative determination
  • For testing boiler, cooling and industrial process water
  • Suitable for field and laboratory testing
  • Cost-effective use due to keenly priced refill packs

TypeDescriptionPKCat. No.  LCOrd.minimo PzPrezzo unitario/Q.tÓ/EUR 
Alkalinity PM-1Hydrochloric acid19.304 529 1su richiesta 
Alkalinity PM-1(Refill pack) Hydrochloric acid16.204 571 1su richiesta 
Chloride LR CD-1Ethanol19.304 527 1su richiesta 
Chloride LR CD-2Ethanol19.304 533 1su richiesta 
Chlorid TK CD-1(Refill pack) Ethanol16.241 025 1su richiesta 
DEHADiethylhexyladipate16.252 947 1su richiesta 
DEHA-TK(Refill pack)16.286 210 1su richiesta 
DEHA-TK(Refill pack, big)17.620 812 1su richiesta 
Iron FE-2Iron19.304 534 1su richiesta 
Phosphate, total(Refill pack)16.802 145 1su richiesta 
Phosphate (total) PO-2 (ortho, poly, organic)Ammonium persulfate19.304 537 1su richiesta 
H2S reagent powder1 set of 25 powder packs16.900 230 1su richiesta 
H2S test paperLead acetate paper 100 pcs.1006.901 291 1su richiesta 
Hydrazine500 ml16.250 010 1su richiesta 
Boiler Water-Set KW-3Alkalinity, Residual Hardness, Phosphate (ortho), pH-value, Sulphite16.239 221 1su richiesta 
Boiler Water-Set KW-5Alkalinity, Conductivity, Residual Hardness, Phosphate (ortho), pH-value, Sulphite16.283 932 1su richiesta 
Silicic acid(Refill pack)19.920 331 1su richiesta 
Carbonic Acid CO-2Ethanol, solution19.304 522 1su richiesta 
Carbonic Acid(Refill pack)16.244 056 1su richiesta 
Methylorange250 ml16.222 115 1su richiesta 
Phosphate I250 ml16.250 008 1su richiesta 
Phosphate II250 ml16.250 009 1su richiesta 
Phenolphthalein250 ml, Ethanol16.222 114 1su richiesta 
Phosphate (ortho)(Refill pack)16.802 146 1su richiesta 
Phosphate (ortho) PO-3Liquid19.304 538 1su richiesta 
Buffer tablets (indicator)500 pc.5006.072 225 1su richiesta 
Hydrochloric acid1000 ml16.222 540 1su richiesta 
Sulphite SUL-1Sulfuric acid19.304 521 1su richiesta 
Sulfit-1100 ml, Sulfuric acid16.200 972 1su richiesta 
Sulfit-2100 ml16.305 481 1su richiesta 
Sulfit-3250 ml16.901 499 1su richiesta 
Sulfit-1(Refill pack) Sulfuric acid16.201 222 1su richiesta 
Sulfit(Refill pack, big) Sulfuric acid, solution16.250 318 1su richiesta 
Titration solution B1000 ml16.250 277 1su richiesta